[MI BPA 2016-2017] Tuesday Tipster #8

Dear Chapter Advisors:

NOTE: Items marked (S) apply to the secondary (high school) division only; (PS) applies to the postsecondary division only. Items titled in a maroon color is a message from the state executive council. ** Indicates new items for this week.

October 17-21, 2016: 
BPA Membership Recruitment Week
October 26, 2016: State Theme Graphic Contest Deadline and NLC Trading Pin Contest Deadline
November 1, 2016: Preliminary Membership Dues Deadline
November 2, 2016: BPA/MSAP Parliamentary Youth Day Registration Deadline
November 12, 2016: BPA/MSAP Parliamentary Youth Day

By Saveri Nandigama, State President

The Michigan BPA State Executive Council will hold its first-ever online live video chat with local chapter members. On Saturday, November 5, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon, the state officers will have a video chat to answer members’ questions and share information about what’s happening in BPA.

Student members are encouraged to submit questions between now and November 4. These questions can be anything from how to get more involved with the state service project to tips on recruiting members to what our favorite colors are. We hope that you will be able to get to know us better and we are excited to answer your questions.

Please submit those questions to any of us through email at president@michiganbpa.org or on Twitter @michiganbpa.

More details will follow in a future Tuesday Tipster and posted online at www.michiganbpa.org.

A new BPA advisor orientation will be held on Thursday, November 17, 2016 during the MBEA Annual Convention in Grand Rapids, MI. See the information below about registering for the convention so you can attend the new advisor orientation.

Planning to attend the Michigan Business Education Association Annual Convention in November? The registration deadline to avoid late fees is October 21. Registration and payment must be received to be registered for the convention. The room block will be released very very soon. To insure that you receive the convention rate, make your reservations if you have not already done so. Visit www.mbea-online.org for details about concurrent sessions, special training workshops, Certiport certification, networking activities, and more.

A BPA advisor training orientation for new advisors will be held during this convention. First or second year advisors are encouraged to attend the convention in order to attend this orientation.

Questions about the convention should be directed to MBEA President Colleen Webb at webb6164@gmail.com.

Please provide feedback regarding the fall leadership conference. Completing this survey/evaluation will only take a couple of minutes. Please forward the link to the student evaluation to your students.

Advisor survey: http://svy.mk/2dZ76B1

Student survey: http://svy.mk/2ecEYyK

The FLC survey will be available until Friday, October 21, 2016.

Is your chapter actively engaged in recruitment new or additional members? Membership Recruitment Week is October 17-21, 2016. Please reach out to the students throughout your school to recruit new members. Ask your current members to help with recruitment; they can easily ask their friends to join. Be proud of your chapter and spread the word about your business education classes. Active members in BPA bring a great deal of recognition to the business education curriculum. Take action and have your students engage in some membership recruitment activities!

Michigan BPA, in partnership with the Michigan State Association Parliamentarians, is holding the annual parliamentary procedure youth day event. The event will be held on Saturday, November 12, 2016, at Eastern Michigan University. Registration is due on November 2, 2016. Visit www.michiganbpa.org/documents to download the flyer about this event.

The state theme graphic and NLC trading pin contest deadlines will be here before you know it. If you have a student who is interested in showing off his/her graphic design talent, these contests are for them. The deadline for contest entries is October 26, 2016. Guidelines and details are posted online at www.michiganbpa.org/michigan-state-theme-nlc-trading-pin-graphic-contests.

This message explains the entire membership process and all details related to deadlines for membership.

November 1: A preliminary list of students and all advisors should be entered into the membership system.
November 10: Last day to enter any students who would be eligible for any competitive event at the regional level
November 11: Regional competition registration deadline
December 1: Last day to enter students who would be eligible for open events only at the regional level
After December 1: Students may join and participate in local activities and attend the state or national conferences to attend workshops and compete in open events only.
December 9: Deadline date for payment of all state and national membership dues invoices

The link to enter your dues-paying members is: http://registermychapter.com/bpamem/.

As explained during the fall leadership conference, you can import your list of students names as well as their torch awards activities from last year during the time period when you create your first membership dues list. After you logon, click “Step 1: Enter/View Your Members.” You will then see options for importing members and torch awards information from last year.

Remember, Membership cards are now available electronically instead of in paper form. In an effort to provide immediate access to membership cards, National BPA is now providing membership cards via download under the chapter log-in. They will be available once the membership invoice is paid and recorded in our system. National BPA will continue to ship membership pins to chapters and provide a notification with the pins on instructions to download the cards. The instructions will also be found online with your invoice when printed and in other marketing avenues.

Davenport University would like to invite BPA secondary students and advisors to the Lettinga Campus in Grand Rapids and its campuses in Lansing and Livonia to attend the “Preparing for BPA Success” sessions.

There will be five different dates: November 11 (Livonia), November 18 (Lansing), November 18 (Livonia), December 14 (Grand Rapids), and December 16 (Livonia). These mentoring sessions are available to high school BPA student members, BPA advisors, and high school counselors at no charge. Sessions are held from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and lunch is provided. Space is limited.

For other information, contact Jennifer Engelhard at jschwalm1@davenport.edu or 616.554.5179.