[MI BPA 2015-2016] Tuesday Tipster #21 SLC-5 (S)

Dear Chapter Advisors:

Any item titled in an orange color is a message from the state executive council.
** Indicates new items for this week.

February 15
: SLC Registration Payment Deadline
February 18: Team Member Substitution Deadline (if different than what you entered in BPA Scheduler)
February 19: SLC Registration Refund Request Deadline
February 19: SLC Housing Changes Deadline

BPA week is next week…February 8-12...and it is the best time for your chapter to promote BPA and conduct fundraising projects. Make sure you plan a BPA activity for the week. It’s great to have a social event during the week for your chapter and also a community activity so people can learn more about BPA.

February is Career/Technical Education Month. What is your chapter doing to promote business education throughout your school and in your community? I strongly encourage you to plan some sort of activity or multiple activities to promote business education. Make sure your school administrators, students' parents, school counselors, and legislators are aware of the positive impact business education and career/technical education has on student development. Although we aren't part of “traditional” academics, we play an important role in establishing a foundation for success in ALL careers.

Visit www.michiganbpa.org/slc-documents to download a list of advisors who will be recognized at the SLC for their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 years of service.

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Statesman Torch Awards recipients. The award recipients will be recognized during the Opening Session at the State Leadership Conference for the Secondary Division. Visit www.michiganbpa.org/torch to download a list of the recipients.

If students or conference attendees were in the BPA Scheduler but a competition or event category (open events only, statesman award, advisor, chaperone, voting delegate, etc.) was not selected for them, they were automatically deleted from the system this morning. Please logon to BPA Scheduler to determine if students were automatically deleted from BPA Scheduler that should not have been. If someone needs to be re-entered, please notify the state director immediately.

Information regarding parents attending the awards session will be sent via e-mail next Monday. Tickets will be sold through Eventbrite again this year. If you have parents who are interested in attending, you may want to obtain their e-mail address so you can forward the message to them once it is sent to you. A limited number of tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Stay tuned!

Remember, if you have any delegates that have special needs of any kind, you should have submitted a special needs request form with your SLC registration. If you have not done so, please do so immediately. Business Professionals of America will **NOT** be held responsible for providing special needs accommodations if this form is not completed and submitted right away. We cannot make any accommodations for anyone if we are not aware of special arrangements that may be required. Please do not put us in jeopardy of not fulfilling our civil rights obligations.

The special needs request form is submitted online at can be found in your conference registration booklet or online at www.michiganbpa.org/slc-special-needs-request.

An updated draft of the shuttle bus schedule for events held at Davenport University has been posted online at www.michiganbpa.org/slc-documents. We recommend that you use this document to plan your student's schedule and to identify any potential contest conflicts.

Please review previous Tuesday Tipsters online at www.michiganbpa.org/advisorsfor details and information about the following SLC-related topics:
Attendance Eligibility
Students Must Attend Entire Weekend
Team Member Changes
Contestant Schedule Conflicts
Chaperone Requirements
Advisor Contest Assignments

(From the Michigan BPA State Executive Council)

Congratulations to all State Conference qualifiers! The state executive council is working hard to prepare for an exciting state leadership conference this year. We hope that everybody is working hard preparing for their events. Each year on the first night of the conference, the state officers hosts the Thursday Night Activity. This year, on March 17, 2016 from 8-9:30 PM, we are hosting a “Lip Sync Luau.”

The “Lip Sync Luau” will feature various teams of students and advisors that are willing to show off their superb lip-syncing skills and be creative while doing so. The event will feature a tropical, Hawaiian theme, so make sure to pack your leis and grass skirts! You can register your act and submit your songs via the Michigan BPA website at the link provided below. Lip-syncing teams that feature advisors will receive extra love from the crowd. The winning team will be selected by the audience, and special prizes will be awarded. It is our hope that you participate and have a blast! See you in Grand Rapids!

Visit www.michiganbpa.org/2016-lip-sync-luau-registration to sign-up today.

As mentioned at the FLC and as published in the SLC Registration Booklet, we will **NOT** be rescheduling students due to contest conflicts. As printed on page 19 of the SLC registration booklet, students who quality for multiple events that have conflicting times will be allowed to take only one of their events. The next regional qualifier will be permitted to take their spot in the contest they decide to drop. This does **NOT** apply to the following: Saturday’s judged appointment events or the Parliamentary Procedures Concepts-Open Event (for team members only).

PLEASE review all your students contest times now so we can notify the alternate of the event they plan to drop. Please notify your regional advisor AND state office if you have a student dropping a contest because of a particular event might even be someone at your school. Michigan BPA is **NOT** responsible for notifying you of any schedule conflict prior to the conference. If you relied on the state office to catch every single conflict, students who fit this scenario could end up being notified as late as the first day of the conference.

Thanks for your attention to all these matters. Please share this information with all your co-advisors.