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Tuesday Tipster 2013-2014

  • [MI BPA 2013-2014] Tuesday Tipster #30

    Dear Chapter Advisors,

    NOTE: Items marked (S) applies to the secondary (high school) division only; (PS) applies to the postsecondary division only.

    * Indicates items that are new for this update.


    As some seniors and some schools are finishing their school year this week, this message will be the final Tuesday Tipster for the 2013-2014 school year. Any additional information will be communicated on an as needed basis.

    The first Tuesday Tipster for the 2014-2015 school year will be sent on Tuesday, August 26, 2014. If you have an e-mail address change over the summer, please keep us informed.

    If you attended the 2014 NLC, please take a minute to visit the post-conference website where you can view recorded sessions, take the post-conference survey, view photos, and more. Visit to complete the conference survey today.

    If you are retiring or you know you will not be a BPA advisor for whatever reason next year, please let me know so we can remove you from our mailing lists. If you have a replacement advisor, it would be ideal for us to know that information now as well.

    If your school is in a fortunate situation where you have a business education teacher job opening/vacancy, please let me know. I would like to circulate such information amongst the individuals I am aware of who are looking for a job. I am aware of an outstanding BPA advisor who has been laid off and I’d like to make sure I share any job openings with such individuals.

    The dates for the Fall Leadership Conference are not available yet. We will begin working on securing a date very soon. Once the dates are available, a special e-mail blast will be sent to all chapter advisors.

    Michigan BPA will start using Office 2013 next school year at the 2015 Michigan BPA State Leadership Conferences for both the Secondary and Postsecondary divisions. This also means that Region 1 will use Office 2013 at their regional conference since they use the same site that we use for our state conference.

    Special thanks to the chapters who provided pictures from the National Leadership Conference. View those pictures online at our photo gallery at

    * 2014-2015 BPA CALENDAR OF EVENTS
    Event dates for next year will be posted onto our Web site throughout the summer as they become available.

    Dates for the regional leadership conferences will be posted to the Michigan BPA Web site in late June.

    With the end of the school year approaching, now is the best time to hold your chapter officer elections. This will allow the officers time to meet with one another during the summer months. In addition, this will help speed up the process of completing your fall conference registration, which is always due immediately upon returning to school in September. Get a jump start by electing your 2014-2015 chapter officers soon.

    If you have recommended changes to the competitive events program OR specific NATIONAL conference recommendations, please submit those recommendations online by June 15 at Use this online form to recommend changes to competitions, indicate typographical errors/inconsistencies in the WSAP Guidelines, and provide SPECIFIC recommended changes to the national leadership conference. All recommendations submitted online are reviewed by the state advisors, classroom educators advisory council, board of trustees, and staff. Michigan’s voice needs to be heard in terms of improving the competitive events and services provided by National BPA. Recommended changes must be submitted online by June 15, 2014.

    The MBEA Summer Academy will be held on June 23-24 (pick your date). Visit to download a registration form and obtain location and time information for these events.

  • [MI BPA 2013-2014] Tuesday Tipster #29

    Dear Chapter Advisors,

    To sum it up, I’m simply speechless. Although the number of awards we received did not reach or exceed last year’s numbers, the combination of awards we received was simply outstanding. Our Postsecondary Division accomplished something that I don’t know has ever been done in the history of BPA national competitions. They earned the top 3 spots in five (repeat, FIVE) competitions. Kudos, congratulations, good job!!! I’m impressed beyond measure.

    As I was watching the awards session online on Saturday night, I kept smiling and cheering. Friends and family near me had no idea what was going on. I believe they thought I was watching one of the NBA game 7 events. The NBA couldn’t compare to Michigan’s achievements that evening.

    In order to bask in the glory of our wonderful accomplishments, today's Tuesday Tipster will only provide a summary of our success at the Michigan NLC.

    View an enhanced copy of this NLC recap, with pictures, by downloading our newsletter from

    An updated list of winners is also available online at

    If your school's success is publicized in a newsletter article, please e-mail State Director Maurice S. Henderson at and Technology Coordinator


    The students in Michigan kept our tradition alive by accelerating to the top of the pack to win the most awards than any other state during the 2014 Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, on April 30-May 4, 2014. Approximately 5,500 participants from more than 28 states and the territory of Puerto Rico attended the conference.

    Michigan had 523 participants in attendance (406 students, 87 advisors, 6 alumni, and 24 guests). There were 90 delegates from our Postsecondary Division and 433 from our Secondary Division, making our delegation one of the largest at the conference.

    BPA Advisor and CEAC Representative Patrick Schultz from Bay-Arenac Career Center received the Hall of Fame Award. This award is designed to recognize those individuals who have made significant contributions to Business Professionals of America at the national level. Mr. Schultz has been a BPA advisor for six years and represented Michigan at the national level on the Classroom Educators Advisory Council for two years.

    One of the stars of the conference, also from Bay-Arenac Career Center, was Timothy Miller. Timothy was recognized at the opening session for receiving the Presidential Service Award from President Barack Obama. The award recognizes individuals for their hours of service over a 12-month period or cumulative hours earned over the course of a lifetime. In addition, during the conference, Timothy received his Ambassador Torch Award, 2nd place in Parliamentary Procedure Concepts, 3rd place in the Virtual Business Challenge, 7th place in Financial Math & Analysis Concepts, and 8th place in Management/Marketing/Human Resource Concepts. He scored 99 out of 100 on the National Association of Parliamentarians membership exam (making him a member of NAP) and he also earned his MTA Windows OS Fundamentals industry certification.

    Sixty-one (61) Michigan students received their Ambassador Torch Awards, recognizing the multitude of community service and leadership development projects they participated in throughout the year. This is the highest level of recognition in the Torch Awards Program. Collectively, all 61 students earned 32,570 points in the Torch Awards Program this year.

    Michigan continued its tradition of sweeping at least one event. Usually we have one event where we take the top three slots. This year, we couldn’t be stopped—we did something that was unimaginable. We swept the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place slots in 6 different events (one at the Secondary Division and five at the Postsecondary Division).

    Michigan’s Postsecondary Division was absolutely phenomenal. During their awards session, one quickly discovered that Michigan could not be stopped. Our Postsecondary Division won 134 in the top 10, with 50 of those in the top 3. Of those 50, 24 were 1st place finishes. The Postsecondary Division accelerated to speeds that could not be matched.

    Michigan’s Secondary Division won 114 awards in the top 10, 34 of which were in the top 3. Of the 34, 11 were 1st place finishes.

    For the second year, BPA held the Fair Trade Challenge. During this year’s event, Dearborn High School participated and won 3rd place overall for their Advanced Battery Technology product. Their product was small stick batteries and a larger battery for tablets. They demonstrated so much enthusiasm during the event and certainly executed a well-thought plan.

    Our national conferences run smoothly due to the assistance of student volunteers. Throughout the weekend, students volunteer to serve as conference interns and assist in various assignments ranging from working at the registration desk to assisting in the headquarters office. Griffin Gonzales from Ludington High School was one of those volunteers. He participated in the conference as an intern and leadership academy participant.
    More than 60 students earned industry certifications during the conference. The certifications ranged from networking and security fundamentals to Microsoft Office products. Amongst the finalists, Michigan is proud of Kiley Morgan for earning 2nd place in the certification for Microsoft Word 2010 Core.

    In addition to the excitement of competing and professional development, the trip was also fast paced due to the wonderful tours and outdoor excursions. Students visited various museums as well as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

    Michigan congratulates all our NLC participants and award winners!

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