Fall Leadership Conference

The fall leadership conference for Secondary BPA chapters located in the Lower Peninsula will be held on October 18-19, 2015. New and prospective chapters are required to attend this conference at the Lansing Center located in downtown Lansing.

At the FLC each year, we plan different activities that focus on specific values. The workshops focus on networking, creativity, teamwork, ethics, diversity, defining differences, leadership in service, and enthusiasm. All of this is accomplished in a fun, energetic way.

Professional speakers provide activities designed to start the year off with a jump. The following workshops are presented by FOCUS Training:

Participants create a moving, functional machine and sell it to the public. The catch? This invention is made of people! This often-outrageous activity gets participants thinking about teamwork and promotion of BPA from a whole new perspective.

2015 Fall Leadership Conference Workshops
Title Description
In this activity, BPA members will reflect on questions posed by the trainer and decide if they agree with the statements or not. The trainer will divide the room into a “spectrum” from wall to wall. The far right side of the line means that you agree with the statement, and the far left side means that you disagree. The trainer will make a statement and then each member will move on the spectrum where they believe they fall. BPA members will have to explain why they chose their side and articulate a defense of their position on the spectrum. Understanding of self and others will be the main focus of this activity.
Grid Walk
This workshop activity is an all-time FOCUS Training favorite. Teams work together to navigate their way across the Grid while overcoming various road blocks. Map Masters and Scorekeepers provide the framework of direction for each team as they develop systems to communicate and achieve the goal. Grid Walk emphasizes the importance of taking risks and effective communication.
Shark Tank
BPA teams will be presented a basket of unique materials. They will to create a new invention from the materials as well as a business plan for their new invention. Teams will have to present everything in a sales pitch to the “sharks” in order to get funding from at least investor. Leadership roles, delegation, business plans, and presentation skills are the main focus of this activity.

For more information on FOCUS Training visit their website at http://leadership.focustraining.com.

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