Fall Leadership Conference

The fall leadership conference was held on October 6-7, 2013. New and prospective chapters are required to attend this conference at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center located on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing.

At the FLC each year, we plan different activities that focus on specific values. The workshops focus on networking, creativity, teamwork, ethics, diversity, defining differences, leadership in service, and enthusiasm. All of this is accomplished in a fun, energetic way.

Professional speakers provide activities designed to start the year off with a jump. The following workshops were presented by FOCUS Training:

Participants create a moving, functional machine and sell it to the public. The catch? This invention is made of people! This often-outrageous activity gets participants thinking about teamwork and promotion of BPA from a whole new perspective.

2013 Fall Leadership Conference Workshops
Title   Description
BPA In a Nutshell

BPA members will identify key components about BPA that they consider to be the most interesting and important. They will take that information and develop a 30 second elevator statement promoting BPA—one for peers and one for professionals. Students will role play with one another giving their message and receiving feedback. Promotion, membership growth, and professional networking are the main focus of this activity.

Cyber Attack

Working together, teams must find a way to complete a specified task. Communication is the key during this workshop and activity. Through each round of the activity, teams will strategize ways to cut their time without violating three simple rules. Continuous improvement within chapters is the main focus of this activity.


In this activity, BPA members will reflect on questions posed by the trainer and decide if they agree with the statements or not. The trainer will divide the room into a “spectrum” from wall to wall. The trainer will make a statement and then each member will move on the spectrum where they believe they fall. BPA members will have to explain why they chose their side and articulate a defense of their position on the spectrum. Understanding of self and others will be the main focus of this activity.

For more information on FOCUS Training visit their Web site at www.focustraining.com.