Fall Leadership Conference

The fall leadership conference for Secondary BPA chapters located in the Lower Peninsula will be held on October 10, 2016. New and prospective chapters are required to attend this conference at the Lansing Center located in downtown Lansing.

At the FLC each year, we plan different activities that focus on specific values. The workshops focus on networking, creativity, teamwork, ethics, diversity, defining differences, leadership in service, and enthusiasm. All of this is accomplished in a fun, energetic way.

Professional speakers provide activities designed to start the year off with a jump. Participants create a moving, functional machine and sell it to the public. The catch? This invention is made of people! This often-outrageous activity gets participants thinking about teamwork and promotion of BPA from a whole new perspective.

View the photo gallery for pictures from the 2016 FLC below

The following workshops are presented by FOCUS Training:

2016 Fall Leadership Conference Workshops
Sensational Improvisational
You never know what you are going to get in this impromptu speaking exercise. Members combine randomly assigned concepts to create unexpected and interesting results. We talk through techniques for impromptu speaking with ease.
Chain Challenge
Teams are challenged to create the longest rescue chain they can with limited supplies. With some interesting twists along the way, groups utilize problem solving and creative thinking to complete the task. Discussion focuses on delegation, planning, and maximizing available resources.
A Brand Called You
What does your brand say about you? From your Facebook page, to the way you dress, to the words you choose, every day you are promoting your own personal brand. In this workshop, leaders will improve their ability to use their personal brand to get results for their chapters and ensure they are helping their fellow members along the way.

For more information on FOCUS Training visit their website at http://leadership.focustraining.com.

2016 FLC Photo Gallery