• Choosy is Okay When it Comes to BPA!

    By Brian J. Branham, Secretary/Treasurer

    Tis the season BPA! Now is the time to choose an event to compete in in Business Professionals of America for the upcoming school year. Read more>>

  • Fall Leadership Conference Follow-Up

    By Hannah Ex, Historian

    The 2014 Fall Leadership Conference has officially passed, and on behalf of the FOCUS Training and State Executive Council Teams, we thank you for your attendance and participation. Read more>>

  • Lets go to work, teamwork!

    By Jacob Roe, Executive Vice President

    Throughout our lives we have played a crucial part in a team, even if we didn't know it. From working together as a family, to playing a sport, or joining a club, no matter where your life takes you, teamwork will always follow. Read more>>

  • Social Media: What to do and what not to do?

    By Rachel Walling, Vice President of Leadership Development

    Did you know that 81% of teenagers use social networks? Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; these are just three of the most commonly used social media websites. Read more>>
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