[MI BPA 2019-2020] Tuesday Tipster #1--Welcome to a New Year

Dear Chapter Advisors:

NOTE: Items marked (S) apply to the secondary (high school) division only; (PS) applies to the postsecondary division only. When applicable, items titled in a green color are messages from the state executive council.

Welcome to another exciting year of Michigan Business Professionals of America! This message serves as your first weekly e-mail update for the 2019-2020 school year. E-mail updates--known as the Tuesday Tipster--will be sent on Tuesday of each week.

August 26, 2019: Online registration for the FLC opens (S)
September 25, 2019: Conference registration must be submitted online (no refunds allowed; all submitted registrations are binding and payment must be submitted for the number of registered people) (S)
October 2, 2019: Conference registration payment deadline for all registrations must be received by check through U.S. mail or submitted online via credit card. (S)
October 9, 2019: Fall Leadership Conference-Lansing, MI (S)
October 10, 2019: Region 5 Advisors Fall Videoconference (S)

If your chapter is no longer going to have a BPA chapter OR if you are no longer a chapter advisor and need to be removed from our mailing list(s), please notify the state director at maurice.henderson@emich.edu.

By Madeleine Taylor, State Historian

This year, the state executive council has established a goal to increase membership of the Michigan Association. To accomplish this goal, and to start your chapter off on the right foot, we’ve developed a flyer for you to hang up in your school. This flyer will raise awareness of the organization; these efforts will expose students to new opportunities in hopes of increasing the members within your chapter.

The flyer provides space for you to insert your contact information. For your convenience, the flyer is attached to this e-mail message. We are so excited about the year ahead!

Please check with all your fellow chapter advisors to make sure they have received this message. If they did not receive this e-mail message, then there is a 99% chance they are not on our mailing list.

Since there are many advisor changes each year, please share this e-mail message and future e-mail messages with any new co-advisors at your school until we are able to get them into our database. Continue to forward these messages and ask them to let you know when they can stop doing so once they start receiving them from the state director directly.

If you have a new co-advisor, please ask them download and return the following advisor information form: https://www.michiganbpa.org/s/forms-advisor-information-form-2019-08-23.docx

This year’s fall leadership conference for all Secondary chapters in the Lower Peninsula will be held on October 9, 2019, at the Lansing Center in downtown Lansing. Information about the conference was sent via e-mail yesterday; it will not be sent via U.S. mail. Information is also available for download at https://www.michiganbpa.org/flc-registration-invoice.

Advisors from Region 5 (the Upper Peninsula) will meet with the state director via videoconference on October 10, 2019. Information regarding that meeting will be sent from your regional advisors Ronalyn Arseneau and Sabina Villar.

All chapter advisors must submit an updated advisor code of ethics form. This form must be signed by the advisor and a school administrator. This form is available for download from our website at www.michiganbpa.org/documents. Please send this completed form to us via U.S. mail or scan and e-mail it to info@michiganbpa.org.

On August 23, 2019, the annual advisor information update request was sent via e-mail to all chapter advisors. Everyone is required to review and submit a request this year because we are requesting additional information on the business courses that you teach. Please review the message entitled “BPA Advisor Information Update Form 2019-2020” from “Business Professionals of America” at info@michiganbpa.org.

If you are receiving duplicate messages and do not wish to do so, please let me know and we will remove whichever e-mail address you indicate. We typically request an alternate e-mail address because we know that e-mail systems become inoperable from time to time. Our apologies if this has become a nuisance to anyone.

The 2019-2020 Workplace Skills Assessment Program Guidelines and all related ancillary files will be posted online on September 1, 2019. Download a copy of these items by visiting www.bpa.org. You must logon to the bpa.org website using your advisor login name and password.

The 2019-2020 Membership Registration System for Business Professionals of America is now open. Logon to www.registermychapter.com/bpamem to begin the registration process for your chapter. Advisors may submit multiple membership registration invoices for the membership year. All dues paying members will receive an annual membership pin. Remember, annual membership cards are available only as online downloads upon completion of registration and payment submission.

Maurice S. Henderson