[MI BPA 2018-2019] Tuesday Tipster #28

Dear Chapter Advisors:

NOTE: Items titled in bold, maroon text are messages from the state executive council or national officers. ** Indicates new items for this week.

April 1: NLC Registration, Hotel, and Presubmitted Events Deadlines
April 5: NLC Trading Pin Order Deadline
April 15: NLC Disney YES Event Deadline

Last week’s Tuesday Tipster is available online at www.michiganbpa.org/advisors/. Information in that message that is not listed below includes:
NLC Registration is Open
Congratulations to All SLC Winners
Secondary and Postsecondary SLC Score Reports
BPA Scheduler Is Not Used For National Conference
NLC Eligible Contestants
NLC Qualifier Cancellations
NLC Registration
NLC Roommate Sharing
NLC Attendance
NLC Attendance Requirement
NLC Advisor vs. Parent Attendance

Archived videos of the general sessions from the 2019 SLC are now available for viewing online at https://www.michiganbpa.org/slc-postconference-dashboard.

All NLC alternates have been contacted. Unfortunately, this is the first time Michigan will not have a full allowance of NLC competitors for the Secondary Division. Several events ended up resulting in all of the individuals recognized on stage being notified and even some alternates below those rankings declining the invitation to attend. Nevertheless, we are certain the students we are sending to the NLC are stellar students and will still shine like stars during the conference.

Yesterday, an e-mail was sent to all advisors who have students in judged events that require entry forms, release forms, clickable URLs in their documents, Works Cited pages, etc. That e-mail also addressed all the presubmitted events. The attached document was also included with that e-mail.

Please review yesterday’s message, if you received it. In addition, please review the attached document. It wouldn’t hurt for everyone attending the NLC to review the attachment, for safety sake.

Michigan BPA will be hosting a Disney YES Leadership Seminar event, similar to what we coordinated in Orlando in 2017. The event is $105 and comes with a t-shirt. The event will be held on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 beginning at 8 AM. The event will be held at either Disneyland Park or California Adventure Park. The park is to be determined.

There are 42 spots remaining. To sign-up for the event, please visit www.michiganbpa.org/nlc-disney-yes-experience.

We have 116 packets of trading pins remaining in inventory. Your students will not want to miss their opportunity to share in the excitement of trading pins with people from other states during the conference. Visit https://www.michiganbpa.org/nlc-trading-pins for more details.

Remember, trading pins are processed on a first-paid, first-served basis.

Visit your Secondary SLC Post-conference Dashboard where you will find access to the winners list, conference evaluations, conference photos, and much more. The dashboard is located at www.michiganbpa.org/slc-postconference-dashboard/. All of the references to special webpages below will direct you to the dashboard for easy access to everything.

Please visit the following links to complete the convention evaluations. Survey evaluations are accessible through our dashboard at www.michiganbpa.org/slc-postconference-dashboard/.

Please download and read the entire NLC Preview Guide, which is available for download at www.bpa.org/nlc. You should read the booklet using a highlighter in order to highlight important pieces of information.

Remember, the events listed below have materials that must be sent in to National BPA by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 1, 2019. You may revise these materials from your state conference entries. Please read the guidelines for the events in which your students are competing.

Instructions are located on pages 13-14 and 22 of the WSAP Guidelines.

Make sure you include your Individual Entry Form, Team Entry Form, and Works Cited with your materials. If addition, it is best to include all Release Forms as well.

* Make sure the URL link is provided on the entry from for your student’s project for the events with asterisks below. The link must be clickable (no exceptions). Include any passwords as needed.

The presubmitted events are:
Administrative Support Research Project
Advanced Interview Skills
Broadcast News Production Team *
Computer Animation Team *
Digital Media Production *
Economic Research Individual
Economic Research Team
Global Marketing Team
Graphic Design Promotion
Interview Skills
Network Design Team *
Video Production Team *
Website Design Team *

IMPORTANT: Students are allowed to make changes to their materials, websites, designs, etc. prior to submitting the materials for national competition. You do NOT have to submit the exact same materials you submitted for state competition. If desired, students may make changes to improve their work.

Please refer to page 27 of the WSAP Guidelines for a list of events that require MOS or MTA certification testing

Contestants who have certified in the linked Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exam may choose from one of the following two options. Option one; the contestant will be given the opportunity to take another certification exam within the event subject area in place of the previously passed exam; the score earn on this exam will serve as the contest score. Option two; the contestant may share their previously passed test scores with NLC staff. If this option is selected, the contestant will be required to login to their Certiport account and share the previously earned score at the time of sign in at NLC.
All contestants who have previously certified in Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams will be required to retake the exam.

Parental Consent Forms for students who are competing in any and all MOS and MTA exams incorporated in to the Workplace Skills Assessment Program are required starting with the 2019 NLC. All students under the age of 18 will be required to submit a signed Parental Consent form which must be on file with the National Center in order for scores to be released to BPA at NLC.
A PDF version of the Parent Consent Form is attached to this message.
Please upload your student’s Parental Consent Form via this form submission. IN ADDITION, all persons who are required to take a certification test MUST register with Certiport (www.certiport.com) BEFORE attending NLC to create their Certiport profile. Contestants must include their BPA member ID in their Certiport profile when they register online. For more information on the exam, visit: http://www.certiport.com/Portal/desktopdefault.aspx?tabid=664&roleid=101
Refer to pages 28-29 of the WSAP Guidelines as well as the event guidelines for your student’s specific event.

Maurice S. Henderson