[MI BPA 2018-2019] Tuesday Tipster #21 SLC-5 (S)

Dear Chapter Advisors:

During the months of January through March, the Tuesday Tipsters will be separate for both the Secondary and Postsecondary Divisions.

NOTE: Items titled in bold, maroon text are messages from the state executive council or national officers. ** Indicates new items for this week.

February 4 (extended-see below):
SLC Registration & Hotel Reservation Deadlines
February 4 (extended): SLC Special Meals Request Deadline (S)
February 4 (extended): SLC Special Accommodations Request Deadline (S)
February 1 (extended-see below): Presubmitted Events Deadline

Last week’s Tuesday Tipster is available online at www.michiganbpa.org/advisors/. Information in that message that is not listed below includes:
** Statesman Torch Awards Corrections Due Tomorrow
Membership Expansion Award
New Chapters
SLC Edition of WSAP Guidelines and Style & Reference Manual
SLC Team Member Changes
Contestant Schedule Conflicts

Due to the fact that many chapters were out due to severe weather yesterday and additional mass school closings may occur tomorrow, the registration deadline and hotel reservation deadline will be extended until Monday, February 4, 2019. No extensions will be granted after this date. Therefore, I recommend that you take all the necessary materials (i.e., SLC Registration Booklet, forms, documents, student phone numbers, lists, hotel information, competition materials, etc.) you will need home with you in case of school closings. All registrations and hotel reservations must be submitted online via BPA Scheduler on or before Monday, February 4, 2019 at 11:59 PM ET.

Similar to the SLC registration and hotel reservation deadline extension stated above, the deadline for presubmitted events will be extended until Monday, February 4, 2019. No extensions will be granted after this date. Therefore, I recommend that you take all the necessary materials (i.e., student phone numbers, entry forms, release forms, competition materials, etc.) you will need home with you in case of school closings. All presubmitted contestant must be submitted online via BPA Scheduler on or before Monday, February 4, 2019 at 11:59 PM ET.

Final review of the Statesman Torch Awards submissions was completed this past Friday. If you had students apply, you may log in to online Torch Awards system to review the outcome of your students’ submissions. Please note that there were many resubmissions for corrections without corrections being made; therefore, several students’ were ultimately rejected again.

Remember, if you have any delegates that have special accommodations of any kind, you should have submitted a special accommodations request form with your SLC registration. If you have not done so, please do so immediately. Business Professionals of America will **NOT** be held responsible for providing special accommodations if this form is not completed and submitted right away. We cannot make any special arrangements for anyone if we are not aware of what may be required. Please do not put us in jeopardy of not fulfilling our civil rights obligations.

The special accommodations request form is submitted online at can be found in your conference registration booklet or online at www.michiganbpa.org/slc-special-accommodations-request.

BPA week is coming up…it is February 11-15 and is the best time for your chapter to promote your chapter and conduct fundraising projects. Make sure you plan a BPA activity for the week. It’s great to have a social event during the week for your chapter and a community activity so people can learn more about BPA.

If you have parents who are interested in attending, you may want to share this information with them. A limited number of tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tickets go on sale on Monday, February 11, 2019 at 11:00 AM ET. Information is already available online at: www.michiganbpa.org/slc-awards-session-guests.

The shuttle bus schedule for events held at Davenport University has been posted online at www.michiganbpa.org/slc-documents. We recommend that you use this document to plan your student's schedule and to identify any potential contest conflicts.

The following events have changed times from previous state conferences: Payroll Accounting, PC Servicing & Troubleshooting, Prepared Speech, and SQL Database Fundamentals. All of these time changes were published prior to the regional conferences EXCEPT Prepared Speech.

Because of hotel renovations, Prepared Speech Preliminaries will now be held on Friday. This event will be held at the DeVos Convention Center on Friday from 8:15 AM to 4:00 PM. Because this change was made after regional conferences, we will try our best to accommodate student students to allow them to compete in any other Friday event for which they qualified.

Remember, the Michigan BPA policy is that in order for a student to compete at the SLC, he/she must be a registered and paid hotel guest for the entire conference weekend (minimum Friday and Saturday nights). This conference is about more than just competition. The entire conference includes leadership workshops, networking, service projects, the general sessions (opening, dinner, and awards), and much more. This applies to ALL students. There should not be any back-and-forth travel because this makes you, your school, and BPA liable if anything unfortunate may happen. As stated on page 6 of the SLC registration booklet, anyone who is registered for the conference and discovers they cannot stay at the hotel for the entire weekend will be eligible for a partial refund only. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this matter.

As you know, there are 14 competitions that are considered presubmitted events because they have materials that must be mailed to us prior to the state conference.

Instructions for submitting these events online via our BPA Scheduler website can be found online at www.michiganbpa.org/slc-documents.

The Fundamental Desktop Publishing information was sent to chapter advisors via e-mail and posted online via a password-protected website on January 14, 2019.

The presubmitted events are as follows:
Administrative Support Research Project
Advanced Interview Skills
Broadcast News Production Team
Computer Animation Team
Digital Media Production
Economic Research Individual
Economic Research Team
Fundamental Desktop Publishing
Global Marketing Team
Graphic Design Promotion
Interview Skills
Video Production Team
Web Site Design Team

Mail-in Event Documentation/Entry Forms (in Word Format) are posted online at
www.michiganbpa.org/documents. You will need the following documents:
*** Individual Entry Form
*** Team Entry Form
*** Release Form

Handwritten forms will result in a deduction in points. Obviously, if there is an area where it tells the student to print or sign his/her name, handwriting is allowed in that spot.

Remember, if you want to look up your student’s contestant numbers to include on these forms, please logon to the membership registration system at www.registermychapter.com/bpamem/ and click on "Enter/View Your Members” and then “List All.” The 10-digit number that is next to the students’ names will be their contestant # for the SLC.

Our policy as published on the advisor code of ethics form is that a minimum of two advisors/chaperones are required for ALL chapters. In addition, one advisor and/or chapter is required for every ten students or major portion thereof. (Example: After the 15th student, an additional advisor/chaperone is required, so on and so forth.) During the conference, one chaperone must be designated to remain on your assigned hotel guest room floor at all times. We will contact any school throughout the registration process if they do not meet this requirement. It is important that we have sufficient supervision at the conference.

Although we appreciate the extra adult supervision, do NOT register an excessive number of chaperones in comparison to the number of students you are bringing (example: two students and four adults). Please be conservative, yet follow the policy stated above when making chaperone arrangements.

Maurice S. Henderson