Dear Chapter Advisors:

Each year at this time I send a message reminding advisors about the need to be meticulous and extremely efficient when grading and scoring tests and adding scores on rating sheets during regional competition.

Our RLC results policy is as follows: All results that are announced during the RLC Awards Session are final. Any discrepancies may be addressed, but changes WILL NOT be made.

SPECIAL NOTE: For regions that do not hold an awards session, all results as published by the regional advisor will be final.

All participants (students and advisors) must adhere to the dress code. Remember, contestants who do not follow the dress code will receive a 10% deduction in their score. The dress code and dress code policy are located in the Michigan Guidelines Supplement located at www.michiganbpa.org/documents. (REMINDER: The dress code applies to chapter advisors and volunteers as well.)

Regional tests and judges rating sheets are not returned to chapter advisors after competition. The only thing that may be returned are Judges’ Comments Sheets from judged events. The following applies to ALL regions:

1. Under no circumstances will any contest documents with any sort of score or rank be provided to the advisors or students. The only type of score and rank data provided to chapters will be score reports provided by the regional advisor through the BPA Scheduler website.

2. A post-competition date and/or time will NOT be set aside for advisors to gather to see their students’ tests after the regional conference.

3. Once you have finished administering, proctoring, or grading an event or the events to which you are assigned, you should not be lurking around in the grading room in order to get a glimpse at results or your students’ papers. Regional advisors have been given the authority to inform people that they need to leave the grading room. Such actions will be reported to the state director. Please respect the regional advisor’s decision regarding this process. This applies to EVERYONE!!!

4. Do not remove any used or unused contest materials (i.e., test booklets, answer keys, judges rating sheets, etc.) from the grading room or event facility.

5. Any violations of these rules as stated above will be forwarded to the state director. Gross violations will result in the ENTIRE chapter being disqualified from participation in the state leadership conference and/or any future BPA events.

Questions regarding these policies can be directed to the state director or regional advisors.

Thank you so much for your cooperation in this matter. Good luck at your regional competition.

Maurice S. Henderson