[MI BPA 2018-2019] Tuesday Tipster #14

December 4, 2018

Dear Chapter Advisors:

NOTE: Items marked (S) apply to the secondary (high school) division only; (PS) applies to the postsecondary division only. Items titled in a maroon color is a message from the state executive council.

December 5, 2018: Corrected Diplomat Torch Awards Deadline
December 7, 2018: Membership Dues Payment Deadline (S)
December 7, 2018: Prepare for Success Session (Grand Rapids) (S)
December 7, 2018: BPA Pistons Event (Detroit)

Last week’s Tuesday Tipster is available online at https://www.michiganbpa.org/tuesday-tipster-20182019/13/2018/11/27. Information in that message that is not listed below includes:
--RLC Pre-submitted Events Deadline (S)
--Uploading Files via BPA Scheduler (S)
--Students Deleted from BPA Scheduler (S)
--BPA Pistons Event Registration Deadline
--Final Membership Deadline: December 1 (S)

Chapters with outstanding balances for membership dues and fall conference registration were notified via e-mail today. If you received a past due invoice earlier today, please research payment and/or make sure payment is received by Friday, December 7.

By Randall Madison, State Historian

This year at the regional leadership conferences, we are partnering with Operation Care Package of Michigan. At RLC, we are asking BPA members to support our troops and “Serve Those Who Serve” by donating care package items. During the conference, there will be a drop-off location for all items so we the state officers can send the items out to our troops. In a later e-mail, we will let you know more about this and what regions are involved and what items you need to bring.

We also have a friendly reminder that Wreaths Across America Day is coming up! On December 15, partnering cemeteries across the state are going to lay wreaths on those who have served in order to demonstrate our appreciation for them. Michigan BPA has partnered with Wreaths Across America in order to help lay these wreaths and/or fundraise for them. If your chapter is interested in volunteering for this event, feel free to check out the state service project page on our website for more info. Can’t Volunteer? No problem! Your chapter can also donate to Wreaths Across America. Just be sure to send your donations to the Michigan BPA state office where we will collect donations and present Wreaths Across America with a check at the state leadership conference! If you have any additional questions about Wreaths Across America, feel free to reach out to Michigan BPA Executive Vice-President Noah Cox at execvp@michiganbpa.org.

Note: For those chapters who have already signed up, it is recommended that you show up around 9:00 AM on the December 14 so that you can check in before most volunteers show up.

Any general questions regarding our state service project should be directed to State Historian Randall Madison at historian@michiganbpa.org.

By Apoorva Dayananda, State Secretary/Treasurer

The State Executive Council Candidate Application Form is available online at www.michiganbpa.org/documents. If you have an interested student or a student who seems fit for the position, converse with them about the candidacy for the benefit of both them and Michigan BPA!

Source: Business Professionals of America: The Source - November 1, 2018

For Presentation Management Team, the topic asks students to plan and present on a new venue for a national conference. National BPA has received questions on what conference the students are planning for, and to clear up some questions and confusion we are publishing some more information to advisors without modifying the topic.
The topic does not explicitly state that it is for a BPA National Leadership Conference, but the topic does reference that students may not use the locations for BPA National Leadership Conferences 2014-2024. While the topic does not state that students are planning for a BPA National Leadership Conference, it should be noted that it is implying student are planning for a National Leadership Conference.
As our students start on projects and gear up for Regional events, we want to be sure that students are not penalized or possibly disqualified for not following the topic. If an advisor or conference administrator has a question about the topic or a competitor's presentation, all questions may be directed to Dustin Devers, Director of Education - ddevers@bpa.org or (614) 895-7277 Ext. 7480.

Michigan BPA will continue its tradition of recognizing top graduating seniors with our Michigan BPA Scholarship. The scholarship application is available online at www.michiganbpa.org/documents. The application deadline is January 9, 2019. Scholarship awards will be announced and presented during the dinner session at the state leadership conference.

The BPA Pistons Event at Little Caesars Arena is this week. Make sure you post pictures on social media using the #MIBPA hashtag and tag us using @MichiganBPA on Twitter and Instagram. Due to the nature of this event, casual attire is allowed. However, please advise students to avoid any inappropriate fashion trends. BPA t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, etc. are always a plus.

December 7 is the deadline date for payment of all state and national membership dues invoices that have been submitted prior to that date. The link to enter your dues-paying members is http://registermychapter.com/bpamem/. This deadline date has been announced in several Tuesday Tipster messages.

Maurice S. Henderson