[MI BPA 2018-2019] Tuesday Tipster #10

November 6, 2018

Dear Chapter Advisors:

NOTE: Items marked (S) apply to the secondary (high school) division only; (PS) applies to the postsecondary division only. Items titled in a maroon color is a message from the state executive council.

November 7-9, 2018:
MBEA Annual Convention (Mt. Pleasant, MI)
November 8, 2018: New BPA Advisor Orientation (Mt. Pleasant, MI)
November 9, 2018: Regional Competition Registration Deadline
November 9, 2018: Prepare for Success Session (Davenport University, Warren, MI)
November 14, 2018: Diplomat Torch Awards Deadline

Last week’s Tuesday Tipster is available online at https://www.michiganbpa.org/tuesday-tipster-20182019/9/2018/10/30. Information in that message that is not listed below includes:
--Deadline Thursday: Preliminary Membership Dues
--New BPA Advisor Orientation
--Connect With Your Local State Officer
--Deadline Approaching: State Theme & NLC Trading Pin Contests

Since today is Election Day, I assume that many people may be leaving work quickly today in order to vote. Therefore, I wanted to send today’s Tuesday Tipster very early.

I voted at 7 AM prior to coming to work and I hope you take time to exercise your right to vote as well. My prayer is that the outcome of today’s elections will help bring some peace of mind, as the climate of this country has not been easy to deal with for many of us. Regardless of your political affiliation, I ask that you consider voting for candidates who will restore some hope and will bring about change that is in the best interest of ALL people. #ivoted

It’s not too late for members to be added for the 2018-2019 school year. In addition, for any school who hasn’t submitted their preliminary list, it’s not too late for you either. This e-mail explains the entire membership process.

Many chapters have NOT pressed the submit button for their national dues invoices. If you have NOT received your state dues invoice, make sure login at http://registermychapter.com/bpamem/ and press the submit button for your national invoice in order for the state office to generate your state dues invoice.

November 1: The original deadline for a preliminary list of students and all advisors to be entered and submitted into the membership system.
November 7: Last day to enter any students who would be eligible for ANY competitive event at the regional level for Secondary chapters; after this date students would be eligible for open events and Torch Awards only
November 9 :Regional competition registration deadline for Secondary chapters; students must be registered for competition online at www.bpascheduler.com
December 1: Last day to enter students who would be eligible for open events only at the regional level; students would also be eligible to participate in Torch Awards. This applies to Secondary chapters.
After December 1: Students may join and participate in local activities, attend the state or national conferences to attend workshops, compete in open events only, and participate in Torch Awards at the Secondary level
December 7: Deadline date for payment of all state and national membership dues invoices

The link to enter your dues-paying members is http://registermychapter.com/bpamem/.

As explained during the fall leadership conference, you can import your list of students’ names as well as their torch awards activities from last year during the time when you create your first membership dues list. After you login, click the appropriate “import” button option when you login to the site to create your dues list.

Here are some frequently asked questions. You are encouraged to also review the membership questions located on our Visit www.michiganbpa.org/faq for more information and a list of frequently as questions.


This Friday, November 9 is the deadline to submit all regional competition registrations for your chapter. Registrations submitted online after 11:59pm on Friday will incur a $100 late fee.

In order to make sure all your students’ names are in the BPA Scheduler competition registration website, it is best to enter and submit the names of all dues-paying members on or before November 7. Remember, names entered in the membership system on any given day aren’t uploaded into the regional competition registration system until the next business day.

From the 2018-2019 State Executive Council

Since Veterans Day is Sunday, November 11, with official observance on Monday, November 12, local chapters can and should take advantage of the resources around them.

Great Lakes National Cemetery
Great Lakes National Cemetery is holding a Veterans Day ceremony on November 11. Located in Holly, Michigan, the cemetery is looking for volunteers to set up the stage and assist the attendees. Simply contact the cemetery asking about volunteer spots using the email below! Please contact Gina Lacroix at gmlacroix02@aol.com.

VA Hospitals
The VA hospital is always open for high school volunteers. Each one offers different volunteering opportunities; however, the hospital is always a great way to acquire volunteer hours. Contact the VA hospital in your vicinity to get more specific Veterans Day opportunities or schedule an event!

  • Detroit (William Browning)

o   Email: William.Browning@va.gov

o   Phone: 313-576-3332

  • Ann Arbor (Beverly Conatser)

o   Email: Beverly.Conatser@va.gov

o   Phone: 734-845-3467

  • Saginaw (Adam Hayward-Lupo)

o   Email: Adam.Hayward-Lupo@va.gov

o   Phone: 989-497-2500

  • Battle Creek

o   Phone: 269-223-5417

Chapter advisors will receive an e-mail message later today with specific information and access to the Fundamental Desktop Publishing regional test. This test is administered at the home schools for regional and state competition. Stay tuned for that message.

The Regional 2019 Edition of the WSAP Guidelines and all other related competition documents, manuals, and entry forms are available for download at www.michiganbpa.org/documents. This will be the official version of the WSAP Guidelines even if subsequent editions are posted on the National BPA website. The version posted on the Michigan BPA website will be the official version for regional competitions.

The Network Design Team competition will be offered in Michigan this year. Though it will count as one of the two events students may compete in, presentations will be judged via videoconference. The top two teams will advance to NLC and will be invited to SLC to compete in opens only. Team Entry Forms are due November 16. Final Written proposals in Report Format are due December 21. Entry forms and completed proposals will be submitted to Joe Sobeske (sobeskej@branch-isd.org) in PDF format.  Refer to WSAP Guidelines for topic, rubrics and report requirements. For additional information or if you have questions contact Joe Sobeske at sobeskej@branch-isd.org.

Please note that this event is being offered via an alternative method. All results are finals and no appeals will be handled by Michigan BPA or National BPA regarding competition results.

November offers all business educators an ideal opportunity to demonstrate why a business education curriculum is so important to all students, regardless of what career they ultimately pursue. Make sure you are doing something and putting up signs and posters throughout your school to highlight National Education for Business Month.

Please consider creating and hanging posters in a prominent place in your school for student, faculty, administrators, and parents to see.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to create special events and promote business education in your schools.

Maurice S. Henderson