finalist listings


Check back during the 2018 State Leadership Conference for a list of all finalists advancing from the preliminary rounds of competition. Finalists will be added as they are determined on a contest-by-contest basis.

Advanced interview skills

Nadine Bazzi, Dearborn HS, 1:30 PM

Alfred Sheffield, Cass Tech HS, 1:44 PM

Maorie Harmon, Clare HS, 1:58 PM

MacKenzie Kalchik, Sault Area Career Center, 2:12 PM

Diamond Shaffer, Cass Tech HS, 2:26 PM

Layla Jawad, Dearborn HS, 2:40 PM

Maya Hamka, Dearborn HS, 2:54 PM

Makayla Flegler, Dewitt HS, 3:08 PM

Layla El-Mokadem, Dearborn HS, 3:22 PM

Emilie Jacques, Calumet HS, 3:36 PM

Administrative support research project

Caden Plaxton, Williamston HS, 1:30 PM

Memas Alkasasbeh, GI-Tech Mt. Pleasant, 1:44 PM

William Chung, Ann Arbor Huron HS, 1:58 PM

Sarah Sharp, Sault Area Career Center, 2:12 PM

Abhishek Thakurta, Ann Arbor Huron HS, 2:26 PM

Rebekka Ranta, Sault Area Career Center, 2:40 PM

Tanner Stevens, Columbia Central HS, 2:54 PM

Nadine Bazzi, Dearborn HS, 3:08 PM

Delaney Kirinovic, Dewitt HS, 3:22 PM

Digital media production

Michael Cesena, GI-Tec Mt. Pleasant, 2:00 PM

Seth Walczak, Gibraltar Carlson HS DCTC, 2:17 PM

Mike Le, Wyoming HS, 2:34 PM

Olivia Schater, Dewitt HS, 2:51 PM

Megan Strom, West Iron HS, 3:08 PM

Brooke Rawson, Clare HS, 3:25 PM

James Swanson, West Iron HS, 3:42 PM

JF Druste, Dewitt HS, 3:59 PM

Alexis Jimenez, Wyoming HS, 4:16 PM

Economic Research Individual

James Pekel, Newaygo CTC, 1:30 PM

John Maier, Hillsdale HS, 1:44 PM

Zeinab Beydoun, Dearborn HS, 1:58 PM

Caroline Brown, GI-Tec Mt. Pleasant, 2:12 PM

Nicholas Natzke, Sault Area Career, 2:26 PM 

Riley Ketrivirtis, Edsel Ford HS, 2:40 PM

Samantha Brand, Sault Area Career Center, 2:54 PM

Paige Kohler, Suttons Bay HS, 3:08 PM

Sarah Sharp, Sault Area Career Center, 3:22 PM


Steven Chtelleburgh, Ann Arbor Huron HS, 1:28 PM

Danielle Lewis, Dewitt HS, 1:43 PM

Aaush Unadkat, Ann Arbor Huron HS, 1:58 PM

Karsten Kirkendall, Lowell HS, 2:13 PM

Victoria Vinning, Sault Area Career Center, 2:28 PM

Husain Boxwala, Farmington HS, 2:43 PM

Claire Lyons, North Branch HS, 2:58 PM

Nathan Laurenz, Breckenridge HS, 3:13 PM

Madeline Malpass, East Jordan HS, 3:28 PM

Extemporaneous Speech

Nassim Abuhalaweh, Dearborn HS, 1:25 PM

Liam Masiovich, Alma HS, 1:31 PM

Megan Brooks, Swan Valley HS, 1:37 PM

Alexander Barbu, Anchor Bay HS, 1:43 PM

Coleton Kotecki, Menominee HS, 1:49 PM

Layla El'Mokadem, Dearborn HS, 1:55 PM

Andrew Kertawidjaja, Berrien Springs HS, 2:01 PM

Nihai Suthakar, Clarenceville HS, 2:07 PM

Maya Hamka, Dearborn HS, 2:13 PM

Graphic design promotion

Joe Nash, St. Louis HS, 1:58 PM

Dallas Witheck, Clare HS, 2:12 PM

Dunia Nsief, Michael Berry Career center, 2:26 PM

Collin Baker, Lowell HS, 2:40 PM

Michelle Enderi, Swan Valley HS, 2:54 PM

Avani Guduri, Ann Arbor Huron HS, 3:08 PM

Thanachot Khruangoungnuen, Wyoming HS, 3:22 PM

Megan Summerfield, Lowell HS, 3:36 PM

Parker Ricks, Dewitt HS, 3:50 PM

Human Resource Management

Kylie Claxton, Brandon HS, 1:35 PM

Nicole Wittman, St. Mary HS, 1:44 PM

Shanell Calmese , Cass Tech HS, 1:53 PM

Samuel Ogrodzinski, Thornapple Kellogg HS, 2:02 PM

Griffin Zajkowski, Sault Area Career Center, 2:11 PM

Jada Williams, Cass Tech HS, 2:20 PM

Elija Buell, Brandon HS, 2:29 PM

Hannah Woehrte, Midland HS, 2:38 PM

Dylan McCloskey, St. Louis HS, 2:47 PM

Interview skills

Lauren Shippy, Spring Lake HS, 1:30 PM

Lance Johnson, Cass Tech HS, 1:44 PM

Alexander Lee, Rochester HS, 1:58 PM

Lillian Fakih, Dearborn HS, 2:12 PM

Liberty Wagner, Sault Area Career Center, 2:26 PM

Anna Brushaber, Beaverton HS, 2:40 PM

Justin McCree, Cass Tech HS, 2:54 PM

Olivia Cook, Clare HS, 3:08 PM

Medina Hazime, Dearborn HS, 3:22 PM

Mohared Darwiche, Dearborn HS, 3:36 PM

Parliamentary procedure team

Midland HS, 4:00 PM

Stephenson HS, 4:22 PM

DeWitt HS, 4:44 PM

Ann Arbor Huron HS, 5:06 PM

Lowell HS, 5:28 PM

Suttons Bay HS, 5:50 PM

Prepared speech

Macy McPherson, East Jordan HS, 1:25 PM

Zoe Yoquelet, Sturgis HS, 1:35 PM

Jeffrey Ramsey, Yale HS, 1:45 PM

Gabriella Sullivan, Calumet HS, 1:55 PM

Rowan Klar, Sturgis HS, 2:05 PM

Maya Moreau, Edsel Ford HS, 2:15 PM

Sarah Zhao, GI-Tec Mt. Pleasant, 2:25 PM

Camber Barko, Wayland HS, 2:35 PM

Taylor Rademacher, Fowler HS, 2:45 PM

presentation management individual

Olivia Harnack, St. Mary HS, 9:52 AM

Victoria Parker, Swan Valley HS, 10:12 AM

Maddi Halfman, GI TEC - Mt. Pleasant, 10:32 AM

Sarah Bazzi, Dearborn HS, 10:52 AM

Nicholas Grosh, Ann Arbor Huron HS, 11:12 AM

Trenton Moore, Wayland HS, 11:52 AM

Andrew Kertawidjaja, Berrien Springs HS, 12:12 PM

Jared Belknap, Swan Valley HS, 12:32 PM