SLC Frequently Asked Questions

In order to help save your valuable time, we have provided this list of frequently asked questions. We may update this list of questions throughout the SLC preparation stage. Before contacting the state office via telephone or e-mail, you may want to search for your answer on this page.


  • Conference Registration

  • General Information

  • Competitive Events

  • Torch Awards

Conference Registration

+ What is my username and password to the BPA Scheduler website?

To access the BPA Scheduler website, your username is your email address and your password is your six-digit chapter number. The number starts with "04-XXXX." The dash (hyphen) must be included when entering your password. If you do not know this number, please logon to the membership registration system at

+ Our advisors' names did not appear on the BPA Scheduler website when registering for the SLC, how should they be added?

You can manually add all advisors' names by following step #4 of the registration instructions located in the SLC Registration Booklet (pp. 22-23).

+ We are sharing rooms with another school, how do we submit this reservation?

When individuals from two schools are sharing a hotel room, follow these steps below. Only ONE school should submit the reservation for the shared room.

  1. The school submitting the reservation for the shared room should indicate in the Comments section of the general hotel information section of the online reservation form that an individual from another school (providing the individual's name and school) is sharing that hotel room.
  2. The school that is NOT submitting the reservation should select the Event/Contest called "Hotel: Sharing with another school" when building the list of competitions that the students are in. In addition, this school should put a note in the Comments section of the general hotel information section of their own online reservation form that an individual from their school (providing the individual's name) is sharing with another school (providing that school's name).

+ I forgot to print my tax exempt form before submitting it. What do I do?

You do not need to send a copy of your tax exempt form. As long as the information was submitted online on the BPA Scheduler website, the hotel will print a copy of your tax exempt form. If you forgot to complete the tax exempt information and have already submitted your hotel information, please contact Lauren Frizzell at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel so she can reset your hotel reservation so you can submit your tax exempt form. Note: If you are assigned to stay at the Courtyard Marriott, you will be contacted to complete and submit an additional Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption Form.

+ How do I pay for our conference registration by credit card?

Michigan BPA accepts MasterCard and VISA. Visit to make a payment via credit card.

+ If I only have one student attending, do I need to bring other students to serve as voting delegates?

NO. You do not have to bring any students above the number that you wish to bring or that qualified to attend the conference by winning a regional competition.

+ Can I bring extra students to the conference that did not qualify to attend?

A chapter may bring up to three (3) additional members who did not qualify to attend as a regional winner, statesman torch award recipient, or state officer candidate. If you wish to bring more than three (3) additional members, please contact the state director to inquire if space is available for additional students.

+ What do chaperones receive for their registration fee and can they see any of the events?

Chaperones receive everything that advisors and students receive EXCEPT any conference souvenirs or advisor gifts. They can attend the opening session, awards ceremony, dinner session, legacy launcher workshops, and other events. Like everyone else, they are NOT allowed to sit in on any competitions.

+ I was just notified by my regional advisor that a student is eligible to attend and compete in an event OR an additional event at the state conference. How do I register him for the conference OR add this event to his list of competitions?

If your chapter's registration has been submitted, complete a Registration Correction/Addendum Form. This information will be verified by the regional advisor.

+ I have a student who has a non-BPA activity on the same weekend as the state conference. Can my student register for the conference, compete in his/her competition, and then leave to attend their other event?

Michigan BPA policy is that in order for a student to compete at the SLC, he/she must be a registered and paid hotel guest for a minimum of Friday and Saturday nights. This conference is about more than just competition. The entire conference includes leadership workshops, networking, service projects, the general sessions (opening, dinner, and awards), and much more. This applies to ALL students. There should not be any back-and-forth travel because this makes you, your school, and BPA liable if anything unfortunate may happen. As stated on page 6 of the SLC registration booklet, anyone who is registered for the conference and discovers they cannot stay at the hotel for the entire weekend will be eligible for a partial refund only.

General Information

+ What are voting delegates?

Each chapter is allowed to have two students serve as voting delegates. These students are the voice for your chapter in terms of electing state officers and voting on important decisions for the association. Voting delegates must attend the annual business meeting on Friday evening and the campaign rally on Saturday afternoon.

+ Does my chapter have to have voting delegates?

Although it is not required that a chapter has voting delegates, it is strongly encouraged that you register two students to serve as voting delegates. This gives students an opportunity to represent their chapter in terms of electing our state officers and deciding other important business for the association such as bylaw amendments.

+ Who are considered "delegates" from my chapter?

The term delegate refers to any BPA student member, advisor, or alumni. Any non-BPA member who registers as a chaperone, guest, exhibitor, judge, etc. is simply considered a conference attendee.

+ What time will the awards session end on Sunday?

Traditionally, the awards session ends between 11:00-11:30 AM. There is no set ending time because it is all based upon the traffic flow of students going onto and exiting the stage to receive their awards.

Competitive Events

+ My student qualified to compete in Fundamental Desktop Publishing at the state conference. When will we receive his/her test?

The Fundamental Desktop Publishing test is located on a password-protected website. Detailed instructions on how to access this website was sent to all chapter advisors via e-mail on January 14, 2019.

+ When are the presubmitted events due?

All presubmitted events must be submitted online and/or postmarked to the state office on or before February 1, 2019 by 11:59 PM.

+ Will I be able to login to the BPA Scheduler website to upload our presubmitted contest materials after I have pressed the submit button to submit our conference registration and hotel reservations? Will we be locked out of the file upload system?

YES. You will still be able to use the file upload system on the BPA Scheduler website after you have pressed the submit button for your conference registration and/or hotel reservations online.

+ What should I send in when I submit our presubmitted events to the state office?

All events with presubmitted materials will submit their contest materials online via the BPA Scheduler website. For instructions, download the document entitled “Presubmitted Event Materials to be Submitted” from our SLC documents page.

+ How do I send our presubmitted events via the BPA Scheduler website?

Download the “File Uploading Instructions for Pre-submitted Events” instructions document from our SLC documents page.

+ How do we name our PDF file which will be uploaded on the BPA Scheduler site if it is a team event?

For team events, use your six-digit chapter ID number. Example: a project submitted for Global Marketing Team would be GMT_04_0072.

+ Can I change team members from the group of team members that competed at the regional conference?

YES. As long as at least one original team member remains on the team, you may add or remove other team members as needed. A team that qualifies to attend the SLC may change its team members as long as at least one of the original team members still remains on the team. You will register your team members via BPA Scheduler without any notification to the State Office. After February 1, once SLC registration closes, team member changes must be given to the state director on or before February 14, 2019. After that date, substitutions will be made only if the alternate is available for the time slot the team has been assigned.

+ Can I add a team member to a team if I did not have a full contingency of team members?

YES. If your team that qualified for the SLC had fewer than the maximum number of team members allowed, you can add additional team members up to the maximum number of students allowed on the team.

+ How do I submit team member changes?

You will register your team members via BPA Scheduler without any notification to the State Office. After February 1, once SLC registration closes, team member changes must be given to the state director on or before February 14, 2019. After that date, substitutions will be made only if the alternate is available for the time slot the team has been assigned. Send a list of any team members to be added or removed to the state director via e-mail.

+ If a team member drops off the team from the regional level, do I have to substitute that student if I still have the minimum number of team members that are required for the event?

NO. As long as you have the minimum number of team members for the event, you do not have to substitute a team member for a new team member. You must let the state office know that a member who is registered for the team will no longer be attending the conference. We must be notified of such fact by Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 9 PM.

+ When will we receive our student's contestant time schedules and appointment times?

School reports with all student time schedules, appointment times, etc. will be sent to the chapter advisors via e-mail during the week of March 1.

+ Our chapter will be competing in open events only. Do I have to register my students for these events?

YES. Students who are competing in open events only should be signed up for the category "Open Events Only" listed under the competition listing on the BPA Scheduler registration website.

Torch Awards

+ Why didn't I receive notification of whether or not our chapter's torch awards submissions were approved? How do I find that out?

BPA now uses an entirely online torch awards system. Torch awards entries are submitted online, and are reviewed online by our office. It is the individual students' and/or chapter advisor's responsibility to visit that site and check for their chapter's results in time to submit any corrections that may be necessary. Results are not emailed or sent to you by any other method.

+ Once I submit my chapter's torch awards submission, how long will it take to find out whether or not the students' resumes were approved?

Results are provided to chapters through the online system (see above) in the same order in which they are received by Michigan BPA. Each chapter's results are posted to the site individually, immediately after the resumes are evaluated. For the 2019 Statesman Award, all local chapter results will be posted no later than January 18. Again, most will be posted well before this date, but this is the absolute last date that the final results will be made available.

Unfortunately, extensions to any torch awards program deadlines cannot be given for any reason. This way, we can keep the program requirements and rules uniform for all Michigan chapters. We apologize for the inflexibility of this rule, and encourage you to submit your chapter's resumes early. Doing so will allow us to evaluate your resumes, and subsequently provide your results, much sooner.