Postsecondary SLC Presubmitted Events

Students in the following events will be required to submit their contestant materials online on or before 11:59 PM on February 1, 2019:

  • Advanced Interview Skills

  • Digital Media Production

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Graphic Design Promotion

  • Interview Skills

  • Network Design Team

  • Video Production Team

  • Website Design Team

Students who do not submit their contestant materials on or before 11:59 PM on February 1, 2019, will be removed from the event. Such student(s) will still be allowed to attend the state conference and compete in any other events for which they have been registered.

Instructions for Submission

Before you upload the files for your event, make sure you have the appropriate materials in place by reviewing the Presubmitted Contestant Materials to be Submitted (PDF).

Upload Presubmitted Contest Materials

Click here to access the website to upload your presubmitted contest materials. This link is for uploading Postsecondary events only.