Introduction to the Fall Leadership Conference


Introduction to the FLC
By Jimena Carmona, State President

It is officially FLC time and I, on behalf of Michigan Business Professionals of America and the State Executive Council, would like to say how excited we are too meet you all at the 2019 Fall Leadership Conference. The State Executive Council is so excited to see what you will bring to FLC with you!  



We are excited to announce that we have the honor of welcoming back some incredible speakers again this year. These lifelong learners have dedicated their  time to help us develop a sense of professionalism. FOCUS training started in 1992 and has conducted hundreds of leadership training seminars across the country for a variety of organizations with group sizes ranging from 10 to 1,000. Their facilitation strength stems from the belief that it is not only what you say, but how you say it. We are sure you will once again enjoy this interactive training. Don’t forget to keep in mind that, the more effort you put into something the more you will get out of it. This year’s workshops brought by FOCUS training are “Grid walk” and “Market Madness”. These workshops are going to be competitive and high energy, we hope that you are as excited about them as we are. Along with workshops from FOCUS training, the State Executive Council has prepared a workshop for you as well, which is entitled “Discovering true colors”.  

This workshop is going to be more laid back, giving you a little mix of everything throughout the day!  


State Service Project   

This year’s state service project is “Generation to Generation” we decided on this to be our state service project because it’s shows that our generation is giving back to the older generations to provide the help and company that they deserve. We hope that you will find this easily accessible to build community service hours and to innovate new ways to partner with your local community retirement homes and help in any way possible. Whether that be by volunteering hours, spending a day where you make crafts and keep company, writing letters, or by simply helping senior citizens who live nearby with their lawn care! We are ecstatic about this year’s state service project. We hope that it is very accessible for every chapter and that members take advantage of how accessible this year’s state service project is.  


Mission Statement  

This year’s mission statement is “to give members the opportunity to discover their potential through their involvement in community service and making meaningful connections” We believe that we are all a constant resource to those in need. We want to help prepare our members to further their passions, goals, and dreams while gaining the edge in their business endeavors. Our mission statement serves as our agenda that we want to accomplish throughout the year. With that being said, my state council and I hope to help open up more opportunities and provide resources for all our members to succeed within and outside our organization   



Michigan BPA, we look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Fall Leadership Conference. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of your State Officers! We enjoy hearing the thoughts and suggestions from all of our members. Good luck this year, and be sure to “Ignite Innovation”! 


Maurice S. Henderson