Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year


Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year
By Maxwell Fritz, State President

Hello and welcome to a new year of Business Professionals of America! I am so excited to welcome you as your new state president. Your state executive council cannot wait for you to see what we have in store for this year. We have been very busy over the summer preparing for the fall leadership conference and creating our state theme and service project.

The state executive council is proud to present this year’s state theme “Ignite Innovation.” We took great care in choosing a state theme that fully embraces the direction we want to take Michigan BPA this year. We chose “Ignite Innovation” because we want the members of BPA to ignite their creativity and use this “spark” to ignite their Torch Awards. We are hoping that more members get involved with the Torch Awards Program this year. If your chapter wants a more comprehensive explanation on Torch Awards, you can request a chapter visit from a state officer to explain the program in depth. The state executive council also cannot wait to see what designs members can come up with for the graphic for “Ignite Innovation.” 

We are highly anticipating this year’s fall leadership conference. I hope to see many new faces join BPA this year and begin their journey as future business professionals. This conference will be very educational, as we will focus on teambuilding, leadership, personal reflection, and team bonding. We can’t release what the events will be yet but trust us when we say they will be worth the wait. Also, if you or anyone in your chapter is interested in running for next year’s State executive council, the current council will hold a Q&A session at the conference during lunch. Even if you aren’t entirely sold on running for next year’s officer team, I would highly suggest attending our Q&A. It will be very informative and may sway your opinion on the matter. 

We created a mission statement to put this year’s goals in perspective. The state executive council mission statement for the 2019-2020 school year is: “To give members the opportunity to discover their potential through their involvement in community service and making meaningful connections.” This year we are putting the focus on community service. We not only hope members participate in the state service project, but we also hope chapters continue to make charity work a priority. We hope to increase meaningful connections by communicating with local advisors and posting frequently on social media to keep members informed and involved as well. 

Another big focus this year for our officer team is increasing communication between us and the members. We hope to achieve this by posting frequently on all Michigan BPA social media platforms. Please encourage all of your chapter members to follow Michigan BPA; we are on Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Our team has come up with different theme days for the week where we will post helpful hints, fun facts, and so much more. Here is a quick preview of some of our theme days we will have this year. One is “WSAP Wednesday” where we will post helpful reminders about your events and how to prepare for them. We will also have “Fun Friday” where we will be posting fun facts about BPA. Stay tuned and follow Michigan BPA on all social media platforms to learn what our other days will be. 

We are looking forward to an amazing year. The state executive council is counting down the days until FLC. Also, remember it’s never too late to start planning for your events. We cannot wait to see all the new and returning faces at the fall leadership conference on Wednesday, October 9 in Lansing.

Maurice S. Henderson