An Alumni Spotlight: Skylar McArthur

Randall Madison

Randall Madison

Skylar McArthur

Skylar McArthur

An Alumni Spotlight: Skylar McArthur

By Randall Madison, State Historian

This is Skylar McArthur, a former graduate of Capac High School and Alma College she is currently attending Ball State University for Graduate School and studying Information and Communication Sciences. Skylar is 21 years old. In Michigan BPA, she served as the 2014-2015 State Vice-President of Membership on the SEC and is now serving as the 2018-2019 National BPA Post-Secondary President. She is a Michigan Division Alumni and a Board of Trustee Member as well.  Skylar, while attending Alma College, also started their Post-Secondary Division Chapter.  Skylar is very important to our officer team because of her status in BPA.  I asked Skylar some questions about herself so we the state officers could get to know her as well as the Michigan Organization.

Fun Facts:

Favorite Food:           Any kind of Italian Food

Hobbies:                     Playing Xbox, Going to the Beach, Speaking French, Bowling

Passions:                     Helping others, Business, Education

Favorite TV Show:    Parks and Recreation or The Office

BPA Experiences:

How many years have you been involved in BPA and what first got you interested?

I have been involved for BPA for seven years. When I was a freshman in high school my brother was a senior and I wanted to beat him in competition, so I joined BPA to do that and then realized that it was truly my passion and my favorite thing about high school. (He still beat me).

Since you were on the State Executive Council, what made you decide to run for SEC?

I just had a drive and passion for BPA and I knew I wanted to be involved in giving back to the students, so I ran for SEC.

After running for SEC, why did you decide to run for National Office?

After graduating high school and starting a Post-Secondary chapter at Alma College I realized how much the Post-Secondary division was lacking in opportunity compared to secondary and I wanted to change that.

What is it like being the National President of Post-Secondary BPA?

Being the National Post-secondary President has been an amazing experience. Getting to interact and speak with students has really been my drive. I have an amazing officer team and we are working really hard to bring the students new experiences. Everyone at the national level has been so supportive of our goals and has enabled us to accomplish a lot. We cannot wait for NLC in May to give the students the best experience in Anaheim.

 What was it like starting Alma College’s BPA Chapter?

It was surprisingly easy to get a Post-Secondary Chapter up and running and the students in the chapter were brand new to BPA and loved it so that was amazing for me. It was a great experience to participate as well, because I studied business as an undergrad and the competitions were very much in line with the education I was getting in my courses, so it justified the material and my learning for me.

If you could change one thing from your BPA career what would it be?

I wish I would have run for national office in high school. One year seems like a long time but there are so many visions we have as an officer team that will be ongoing goals after we leave office. Other than that, absolutely nothing my experience has been amazing.

What is your favorite BPA memory?

Getting to work with Mr. Henderson and Monique to accomplish our goals and seeing the excitement on the students faces at SLC during my term on the SEC.

What has BPA taught you?

The amount of lessons I have learned from BPA are countless. But I really found out who I was and what I thrived in during my term on the SEC. It also taught me how to set goals and work as a team to reach them, now and then. I’ve learned that improvement is a continual process, you can always work on making yourself better.

Lastly, what do you think is important for future business professional to know?

It’s important to remember that failure is good. You don’t learn from success, you learn and grow from failure and from your failures come success.  Remember as the Great Vince Lombardi said, “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary”.