Job Shadowing Through BPA

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Job Shadowing Through BPA

by Noah Cox, Executive Vice-President 

            Business Professionals of America’s main purpose is to help prepare our members to succeed and become leaders in tomorrow's workforce. This year, one of the new things Michigan BPA will be implementing is an opportunities tab on the Michigan BPA website where you can sign up for business camps and internships to help make you more prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. Currently, BPA offers multiple avenues for you to prepare for the careers of tomorrow.

            One of the best things BPA has to offer that can help you when you get your first internship or job shadowing opportunity is helping you understand the power of professionalism. Carrying yourself professionally means to be someone who is well composed, from the way you’re dressed to how you speak (do you address someone as Mr. or Ms., do you use a formal tone, etc). By demonstrating professionalism, you can be the one that your boss at an internship can turn to and say “they’re the one we need to hire when they get out of college.” One of the best ways to perfect your professionalism is to attend a talk about networking or professionalism at the state leadership conference or at the national leadership conference.

            Another great thing to gain from BPA that can help you with job shadowing or future internship opportunities is networking. This benefit has two components. First, the networking skills taught through BPA can bring you bountiful opportunities in the future. Studies have shown that employers often use a person’s strength in soft skills (ex. networking) as a deciding factor to see if they will hire a person. BPA can help you gain that edge that will allow you to receive that job or internship. Second, BPA can give you networking connections that can help you out significantly when job shadowing or interning or even farther in the future. BPA is a group of the hardest working, most motivated individuals in our generation. We will be the source of tomorrow’s great leaders and getting connected to the BPA members of today can help you get that once in a lifetime opportunity tomorrow.

Finally, BPA offers you the knowledge you need to get a great head start at any business related internship or job shadowing opportunity. BPA teaches you the language of the business industry. Terms like Return On Investment (ROI) or the 5 c’s of credit offer you the language you need to sound informed and land that next great internship opportunity. Additionally, BPA can help you develop great skills that can make you stand out at your next job. Skills like accounting can help you stay informed of any financial event, while an understanding of Human Resources or Business Law can make you well prepared for events in the workplace, on a job site, or at any business related event.  

While Business Professionals of America can’t fully prepare you for a job shadowing or internship as a doctor, a biomedical engineer, etc., it can certainly help you succeed in the business aspects of these careers and will help you stand out in any workplace. The 2018-2019 Michigan BPA State Theme is rely on your rarity. And with BPA, you can acquire the skills you need to be a rare, but highly valuable asset in any workplace, job shadowing or internship that helps you hold an important place in the workforce of tomorrow.

Maurice S. Henderson