BPA Spotlight: Nolan Greisinger

BPA Spotlight: Nolan Greisinger

By Nolan Greisinger, Vice-President of Leadership Development

Four years ago, I walked out of a room not knowing it would change my life forever. I ambled into my first ever Business Professionals of America meeting at DeWitt High School. I sat there entirely confused, as I listened to people talk upon an organization that gave them so much knowledge, hope and wisdom. I now sit here today serving as the Vice-President of Leadership Development as a freshman in college.

Goals. A word that is defined as “the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result” (dictonary.com). Growing up there was many things that my mom instilled in me, from the time I could talk to now; she expects the very best from me. One of the most important life lessons I learned from her was to set goals. By setting clear concise goals, you can measure and take pride in the achievement of your work. You will see the forward progress in which might have seemed like a long process before. I have centered my entire BPA career around the ideals set forth, and the principle of setting goals. As a sophomore my one goal was to advance on to the State Leadership Conference, that year I competed in the Graphic Design Promotion competitive event. The objective was to create a flyer, and logo that would encompass the National Leadership Conference for the year ahead. I stayed after school for two weeks preparing my event in hopes it would be enough for me to advance onto the State Leadership Conference. As time came close to the Regional Leadership Conference, I practiced my presentation, time and time again. I woke up prepared and ready to depart. As my event drew near, my nerves kicked in. I sat outside the presentation room, but I remembered the goal I had set for myself. I remembered the ambition that I had going forward, the drive I had to succeed, and the practice; I was ready. I walked into the room with full confidence, I ended up placing 5th, and it was good enough for me to advance on to states. I learned that you do not always have to be the best, but when you work hard your goals will fall into place. I have now competed at three state leadership conferences, and attended Dallas, Texas for the National Leadership Conference.

Growing up in DeWitt, I always felt the need to compete, I felt the need to strive for the best. I loved the community that was centered around the town, it made for a great place to grow up in. I started my soccer career at the young age of five, not knowing the impact the sport would have on my life. It brought me some of the best times, as well as some of the best friends too. It taught me discipline, teamwork and leadership. I have been the caption of my high school team, along with being the caption for my premier league soccer team. The lessons that I have learned from soccer has helped me with other aspects of my life. It has helped with BPA in regard to the discipline. During soccer season I would have to train my body, so that I could be in shape. Here I must have the discipline to train my mind. I must study my material, set times and be prepared to meet deadlines. For that I am thankful for the DeWitt community for supporting me on and off the field. If it was not for this town, I would not be where I am at today.

My proudest BPA accomplishment yet has been to serve the Michigan Association as the Vice-President of Leadership Development. I decided last minute that I wanted to run, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Running for office was stressful in and of itself. I had to do things I had no prior experience with before. That has helped me to grow up and be able to stand where I am today. I ran an entire campaign, read a speech in front of thousands of people, and dove deeper into an organization. By being in this position it has afforded me the opportunity to express my skillsets and share my passions and goals with the State of Michigan. I have met eight other people with an amazing drive, work ethic, and passion for helping. Together we have accomplished so much, and we are doing work that we can be proud of.

I will never regret the decision I made to walk into that meeting, just a few short years ago. Business Professionals of America has opened doors for me, brought me out of my shell, and allowed me to prove to myself that I can accomplish so much. I walked into that room sophomore year optimistic, but I will leave BPA with confidence, ready to start the next journey in my life.

Maurice S. Henderson