What in the World Are "Torch Awards"?


What in the World Are Torch Awards? 
By Madilynn Kieling, Historian

The Torch Awards Program is an integral part of Business Professionals of America. It offers you the opportunity to participate in community service activities, as well as simply learn more about our great organization. There are seven categories, each representing the nine torches that signify ideals within BPA. These torches include Leadership, Cooperation, Friendship, Love, Hope, Faith, Patriotism, Service, and Knowledge. 


To receive the awards of this program, you must collect a certain amount of points in each category. There are four levels of awards, including the local, regional, state, and national levels.These awards can be received at each of their respective conferences, the Diplomat award being given at the regional leadership conference for obtaining 30 points in each category, the Statesman being given at the state leadership conference for 50 points in each category, and the Ambassador being given at the national leadership conference for 70 points in each category.  


This program is not only an integral part of the organization, but also an opportunity to set you apart from members of another organization. This is an excellent influence in terms of community service. Although a good portion of the activities involve simple knowledge or learning about BPA, most of the other activities involve community service or making/writing informational pieces about things like leadership or safety. This may help you in the future when interviewing for a job; you were an Ambassador recipient while another candidate may not have been, and you could get the job over the other candidate because of this fact. 

Our program is also a great way to meet members from other chapters, other states, and even other countries. This also may help in the future when looking for a job; while you are doing these activities, you may work with others or simply meet them along the way. Download the Torch Awards Program Handbook from www.michiganbpa.org/torch. These activities are a great way to meet new friends and build your network. You can log your activities now at https://www.registermychapter.com/bpamem/Login.asp?From=TorchAwards.aspx.

Maurice S. Henderson