An Alumni Spotlight: Lillia Sheline

Randall Madison

Randall Madison

An Alumni Spotlight: Lillia Sheline

By Randall Madison, State Historian


Lillia Sheline

Lillia Sheline

This is Lillia Sheline, a graduate of Berrien Springs High School, currently attending Eastern Michigan University with a major in Special Education Teaching, a concentration in secondary Autism Spectrum Disorders, and a minor in English Language, Literature, and Writing.   Lillia is 20 years old. In Michigan BPA she served as the 2015-2016 State Secretary-Treasurer on the SEC and ran on the motto “Don’t bark up the wrong tree, vote Lilly”.  She is now serving as the State Office Administrative Assistant, she handles phone calls, payments, registrations, etc.  Lillia is very important to our officer team because her team was the first team all of us state officers strove to be in our first year in BPA.  I asked Lillia some questions about herself so the state officers could get to know her as well as the Michigan Organization.

Fun Facts:

Favorite Movie: Bohemian Rhapsody

Hobbies: I love to read, watch movies, spend time with friends, and I’m always up for a spontaneous adventure!

Passions: working with people with special needs. I spend my summers working at a camp for people with disabilities and I hope to one day teach in a special needs classroom.

Favorite Song: Michigan by The Milk Carton Kids

BPA Experiences:

How many years have you been involved in BPA and what first got you interested?

I have been involved in BPA for seven years. I was always looking for something new to try and BPA was such a foreign concept to me. I was the only freshman in my high school chapter and then the only sophomore the next year.

Since you were on the State Executive Council, what made you decide to run for SEC?

I remember seeing all the state council elects giving their speeches during the opening ceremonies and it always filled me with so much curiosity. I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I knew that if I could do it, it would be one of my greatest adventures.

What makes BPA important to you?

BPA has brought me some of the greatest relationships of my life. I made lifelong friends while serving on the State Executive Council and I've even found friends in the State Office staff and alumni division.

What led you to work for the state office now?

I found a mentor in Mr. Henderson while I was serving as the State Executive Secretary/Treasurer. When Mr. Henderson found out that I was going to be on campus with him and offered me a job, I couldn't say no; it was too good of an opportunity to learn from him.

What is your favorite BPA memory?

During the dinner session of my SEC year, two of my fellow officers surprised the rest of the council with a song that they had prepared. It was the most powerful moment because we had grown to become a family that year, so such a kind and thoughtful gesture made so publicly brought each of us to tears, including me. It was so powerful!

Lastly, what do you think is important for future business professional to know?

Well, for one, social media is very important. KEEP IT CLEAN! Employers look at the things that you post, and your feed can determine whether you get a job or not. Another thing would be to keep taking risks. Risks, although scary, can be so beneficial. You're not going to get anywhere by sitting on your couch; make a move, take the steps, and try EVERYTHING. You never know where your life might take you.

Maurice S. Henderson