Expand Your Leadership: Become a State Officer


Expand Your Leadership: Become a State Officer

By Noah Cox, Executive Vice-President

 We have reached a point where everyone has selected their BPA event and are most likely preparing for your local RLC (Regional Leadership Conference). However, some of you may be considering running for the state executive council next March as well. While serving on a state officer team can be an amazing experience, it’s important you understand the following commitments before you make the decision to run.

 The work you do as a state officer is broken down into a few categories: General work (things all members of the state executive council complete), committee work (work assigned to you based on the committees you’re assigned), and role responsibilities (work you’d do that is specific to the role you have on the state executive council).

 The largest component you’d probably have is your general workload. With this, this includes monthly reports where you journal what you have done in BPA over the past month (these are always due on the 1st of the month NO LATER!). You will attend quarterly state officer meetings (these are trips you make once a season to Lansing where you spend the weekend working on your SEC commitments). In addition, you will complete two chapter visits throughout your term where you visit chapters and give presentations related to BPA and you will attend two regional leadership conferences where you help judge events, pass out awards and do general volunteering. Of course, one of the major responsibilities of being a state officer includes planning the state leadership conference. This may seem like a lot, but trust me it’s not that bad. These are spread out throughout the year and make the workload each week very manageable.

 Additionally, you’ll have commitments related to the committees you been placed on throughout the year. For myself I’m on the opportunities and service committees. On the service committee we work on planning the state service project which this year included calling partner companies like Wreaths Across America and setting up care package supply drop off locations at the regional leadership conferences. Additionally, I’m on the opportunities committee which focuses on providing business enrichment opportunities and financial aid to our BPA members at the state conference. This committee’s work has included calling companies to look for sponsorships for Michigan BPA and calling universities and companies to provide internship and business camp opportunities to the Michigan BPA members.

 Finally, the last major responsibility related to serving on the team is the responsibilities you’ll have related to serving your role. Each role has its own unique responsibilities and since you can’t pick a specific position when you run, you have to consider all role related responsibilities. First off there’s the president. He/she is responsible for helping to oversee committee work, running the official business meetings and assign jobs related to the SEC. The secretary/treasurer is responsible for taking the minutes of the meetings, providing an updated treasurer’s report and the membership report at the annual business meeting at the state leadership conference. The historian is responsible for monitoring media related work for the Michigan BPA. Basically, this means that they work on the annual yearbook, assign articles, provide the historian’s report at the quarterly business meetings, and coordinate social media posts. Finally, there’s the parliamentarian. While they don’t have any formal documents they need to prepare, they are responsible for advising the president on any parliamentary procedure questions. This means the person in this role should have a decent amount of knowledge of parliamentary procedure before becoming the parliamentarian.

 This may sound like a lot, but I assure you it’s really not that bad. I put in about 4-6 hours a week usually for the work I do with the state executive council and some weeks it’s less. But most important of all you get an unbelievable experience meeting people you’d never get to see if you haven’t done this, forge long term friendships, and get experiences that set you up for success for the rest of your life. BPA’s tagline is “Today’s students. Tomorrow’s business professionals.” If you choose to run for the State Executive Council, I can guarantee you are on the right track to achieve that.


Maurice S. Henderson