An Alumni Spotlight: Matt Leddy

Randall Madison

Randall Madison

Matt Leddy

Matt Leddy

An Alumni Spotlight: Matt Leddy

By Randall Madison State Historian

Matt Leddy is a former graduate of Swan Valley High School and Eastern Michigan University.  He is 23 years old and he works as a Dealer Services Analyst at Ford Credit in Nashville, TN.

He has been actively involved in BPA at all levels. Last year, he was the 2018 National BPA Emerging Professional of the Year. In Michigan BPA, he served as the 2012-2013 State Secretary-Treasurer and served as an Administrative Assistant for the State Office from 2013-2017. He is now serving as the Michigan BPA Torch Awards Coordinator. We asked Matt some questions about himself so everyone in Michigan BPA could get to know him.

Fun Facts:

Favorite Food: Chicken Wings

Hobbies: Traveling, watching football, reading

Passions: Education

Biggest Fear: Heights

BPA Experiences:

How many years have you been involved in BPA and what first got you interested?

I have been involved for BPA for eight years. I joined BPA because my older sister was in BPA and I saw how excited she was when she came back with awards from the SLC. I knew it could bring me great opportunities if I worked at it.

 Since you were on the State Executive Council, what made you decide to run for SEC?

It had been a while since Swan Valley had a representative on the board and I thought I’d be a good fit. I wanted to do as much as I could in BPA and thought that running for the SEC would bring me the most out of the organization. Sure enough, it did.

 What was it like starting a new BPA chapter at Eastern Michigan University?

It was a strenuous task but well worth it. There’s a lot of work that goes into starting a student organization. In our inaugural year we had 11 members and brought 10 to the NLC.

 What led you to work for the state office now?

Mr. Henderson had offered me the job at the end of my SEC term knowing that I was going to EMU. It was a fun job working directly for my mentor. I truly believe I have seen every side of this organization as a student member, member of the SEC, and administrative assistant.

 What has BPA taught you?

BPA has taught me to keep your door open to opportunities. When someone asks you to do something, you do it to the best of your ability.

 What is your favorite BPA memory?

There’s so many to choose from. I really enjoy engaging with students presenting Legacy Launchers at the SLC. I’m most grateful for the emerging professional of the year award. I enjoyed my time in Chicago and Orlando as a HS student at the NLC, Anaheim as an employee, and Boston as a college student.

 Lastly, what do you think is important for future business professional to know?

It’s important to understand that you might not see a reward in what you’re doing. Sometimes it takes time for results to flourish, but in the end, if you put in the hard work, the results will follow. My favorite quote to live by is: “Do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it.”

Maurice S. Henderson