Transitioning from High School to College


Transitioning from High School to College

By Ashley Speck, Vice President of Chapter Activities

Packing your bags and leaving for college may seem surreal. I started collecting items for my perfect dorm room almost a year before I moved in. College was knocking on my door step in August. I wasn’t scared or concerned at first. I didn’t realize how on my own I was until I got sick for the first time. College is different there’s no passing period, and no one cares if you’re tardy to class. You start calling your teachers professors, and your assignments only start coming in heavy when every other class gets hard as well. You learn that you can function off of no sleep, and you can magically type a 14-page paper in a matter of hours. Transitioning to college is not easy for everyone. Here are a few tips I think could help you!

1.    Don’t be scared to ask your RA questions. S/he can be your resource!

2.    Everyone is in the same boat you are. Reach out and make friends.

3.    Don’t fall behind. Create a planner or a schedule and stick to it.

4.    Stay involved. Join a club or go to sporting events.

5.    Remember you are making memories and getting an education.

Thinking of these simple tips will help make the transition easier. Go out to all those Welcome Week events. Students that are in your shoes will be there as well.

6.    Call home. Don’t forget, your parents are transitioning in their own way too.

7.    Your roommate doesn’t have to be your best friend.

8.    Most colleges have free resources, use them.

9.    Meal plans are nice but have some food in your room for those late night craves.

10. It is okay to have an undecided major walking into college.

Not everyone is just like you, there will be different opinions. People are going to come from potentially across the world to your school. I never knew that my best friends would be from Brazil and Italy. I reached out and made friends. Those late-night laughs that seem so pointless in the moment are creating those “remember when” stories. Try new things. From food to activities there is so much to explore that you may have never had before. New experiences will only make you a better person.

11. Don’t forget about your hometown friends. Call or text them occasionally, they probably miss you too.

12.  No matter how many tips one could give you, this is your experience; make the most out of it.

Live your life to the fullest and get that education you have always dreamed of. Stay positive and stay strong and you will accomplish your dreams.

Maurice S. Henderson