How to Make the Most Out of SLC


How to Make the Most Out of SLC
by Appoorva Dayananda, State Secretary/Treasurer

For qualifying members, the Michigan BPA State Leadership Conference is the next step on their pathway to becoming national winners, and we, the 2018-2019 Michigan State Executive Council, would like to welcome you to a world of possibilities during the 2019 State Leadership Conference. With the various events hosted throughout the conference, BPA members will have the incredible opportunity to develop their business skills while networking with a multitude of students from all across Michigan.

At the state leadership conference, you will find various activities designed to develop your business and leadership skills while interacting with other members, starting with the Thursday Night Activity. On the first day of the conference, you may feel nervous about your upcoming presentation or competition. Therefore, the state executive council has coordinated a night where you can be relieved of the stress and have a great time. This year, the 2019 SLC Thursday Night Activity will be Glow in the Dark Karaoke, where you and your friends can sing your favorite songs or just have fun listening to others.

Throughout the day on Friday and Saturday, Legacy Launchers will be available for members to attend. Legacy Launchers are presentations designed to increase your understanding of various business world aspects. With highly qualified speakers, you can learn about first hand experiences in the business world, business etiquette, social media, and several other business topics. There will be numerous Legacy Launchers available, so if one may conflict with your competition time, there will be plenty more to attend.

Moreover, if you are thinking about furthering your education, representatives from various colleges will be present, providing information about their college or universities. Some of the colleges you can obtain information from include Northwood University, Walsh College, Davenport University, and a variety of others. In addition to the college fair, new this year will be an opportunities fair, specializing in giving passionate BPA members a way to gain first hand experience into the business world through internships, camps, and more.

In addition to your competitive event, open events provide a way for members to make qualify to attend the BPA National Leadership Conference. Open events are an unregistered event where you can take different tests at the state leadership conference. These tests span a wide variety of topics, including Financial Math and Analysis Concepts, Parliamentary Procedure Concepts, and many more. To see the full set of open events available, please view the Workplace Skills Assessment Program (WSAP). To take these tests, all that you need is a pencil and your member identification number.

In addition to the competitions that members will be participating in, there will also be an election for the next year’s Michigan BPA State Executive Council. At the state conference, predetermined candidates will have the opportunity to campaign and make their platform. While some of these events may only be for the current state executive council and/or voting delegates, there are other events to give BPA members the opportunity to learn the goals and insight that the candidates can bring to the next year state officer team. These events include the speeches given out at the opening session as well as the campaign rally, hosted on Saturday afternoon. While the first part of the campaign rally is only for voting delegates, the second part is open to the rest of the BPA membership.

On Saturday night, Michigan BPA will be hosting a dinner session, which includes the dinner and the announcement of the next year’s state officers. Following the dinner session is the BPA Dollar Dance. At this dance, we ask the members to donate one dollar to enter the dance, contributing to our state service project. The dance provides another way for you to have fun with your chapter and other members that you may have met throughout the conference.

We, the 2018-2019 State Executive Council, hope to make the 2019 State Leadership Conference an amazing experience for you. In order to gain all that you can from this conference, we ask you to take a step a little bit out of your comfort zone. Attend as many Legacy Launchers and events as you can. Take as many open events as you can. Talk to a new person every day. Do something that you may have never done. Learn something you never knew. And most importantly, have fun.

Maurice S. Henderson