2018-2019 State Theme, Mission Statement, and State Service Project


2018-2019 State Theme, Mission Statement, and State Service Project
by Randall Madison, State Historian

Welcome back Michigan BPA! If you have not heard already, National BPA has announced their theme for this upcoming school year, “Together We Create”. Now, it is Michigan BPA’s turn to announce our State Theme, State Mission Statement, and State Service Project!

State Theme

This year Michigan BPA, has chosen “Rely on your Rarity” as the 2018-2019 State Theme. As an officer team, we have come to realize that all of us are rare in our own way, we all rely on our own rarity to help each other with tasks at hand. As an officer team, we are trying to encourage you as members to be true to yourselves and your beliefs as you enter the world of business. We also seek to challenge you to define and be confident in your rarity throughout the upcoming year. So remember to embrace what makes you unique and not to conform to the “normal” standard because it is your “rarity” that makes you who you are.

Mission Statement

In order to guide our state association, the State Executive Council decides on a mission statement to put or goals for Michigan BPA into words. Our mission statement has been similar for the past few years, so this year we decided to change it up. We have chosen the mission statement to be as follows:

“The mission of our organization is to empower others to become leaders in a world-class workforce and provide a strong support system to all members. We will help the members of the Michigan Association develop student professionalism, self-confidence, and perseverance in their future endeavors.”

In the first sentence, we state that we want to empower each and every one of our members to become leaders. This has been a primary aim of our organization, and our officer team feels we can help you become leaders by collaborating with local chapters and improving communication from the state association to individual members. In the second sentence, we emphasize our willingness to help students develop a professional attitude both in business and all other pursuits. As a State Officer Team, we want the members of the Michigan Association to be prepared to participate in our nation’s workforce by stressing the importance of business professionalism. We also chose self-confidence because it ties into our state theme. If you “Rely on your Rarity”, then you will be self-confident in the skills and qualities that make you one of a kind. Last but not least, we encourage you to have perseverance in your future endeavors. Not everything will be easy in life; there will be challenges to overcome and obstacles to face for all of us. Having perseverance will make the tough times more bearable, and success more achievable.

State Service Project

As an officer team we made a unanimous decision on this year’s State Service Project. As proud Americans, we look towards those who defend our freedom for our organization’s service efforts. We have chosen to “Serve Those Who Serve”.

All of us have personal ties to veterans who have devoted their lives to protect ours, so it is time that we give back. This year we are challenging all of Michigan BPA to spend 2,000 hours serving veterans in our community and to help fundraise $1,000 dollars to donate to the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA). If all members were to devote two hours of community service to their local Veterans Hospital, we will reach our goal in no time! You can also fundraise money in any way to donate to the MVAA. These brave men and women devoted their time to us so it is our turn to devote our time to them.

Michigan BPA, we look forward to working alongside you this year, in embracing the 2018-2019 State Theme, Mission Statement, and State Service Project. If you have any questions about these initiatives, feel free to contact any of your State Officers! We enjoy hearing the thoughts and suggestions from all of our members. Good luck this year, and be sure to “Rely on your Rarity”!

Maurice S. Henderson