Welcome to a New Year


Welcome to a New Year of Michigan BPA
by Nathan Lee, State President

It is officially the start of a new year of Business Professionals of America, and I, on behalf of Michigan BPA and the State Executive Council, would like to welcome you to a fresh, new start of another year!

The State Executive Council is tremendously excited for what every one of you will bring to the table this year. With new and exceptional members, our state has never failed to improve, and we strongly believe that this trend will continue. In fact, we plan to escalate your potential even further! There will be many more opportunities, events, legacy launchers, and bonding sessions throughout the year. Not only that, but we are motivated to provide what you want. Whether it be a school visit for a specific cause or a suggestion to improve State Leadership Conference, we are here to make sure that you have the best experience, both enjoyably and productively.

To inform you of the opportunities we will be offering, here are several highlights of what will be coming your way this year!

 State Service Project

The state officers realized that participation in the State Service Project was very minimal for the past few years. This may be because of an obvious of lack of incentive to search for ways to volunteer. Therefore, we will provide everything you need. From volunteering at organizations already in collaboration with MIBPA and contacting new organizations for your chapter to visit, to a compilation of all the highly relevant fundraising activities you could organize, everything will be sent to you for your benefit!

 Internship Opportunities

If you have felt unknowledgeable about opportunities you could have taken, you are not alone. We have received numerous requests for internship opportunities, and we are putting it into effect this year! We will build partnerships with local businesses and organizations across the state of Michigan and will focus on collecting internship opportunities you could take advantage of. If you are not quite committed to working full-time yet, there will be smaller events such as job shadowing, workshops, and summer camps. Through this, we hope that you will get to utilize the business skills you have acquired in and out of BPA in real life situations.


Without communication, none of the things we are bringing to you will reach their destination. This is why the state officers will focus on reaching out to our members this year. Through effective communication, you will get more access to resources and information for your success. Remember, the state executive council will have difficulty reaching out to all 4,000 members in the State. However, with your help, you can maximize the impact and make this year more meaningful than it ever.

With this being said, we look forward to seeing every one of you either at the Fall Leadership Conference, the Regional Leadership Conferences, or the State Leadership Conference!

Maurice S. Henderson