BPA Life After Regional Competition


The Regional Leadership Conferences (RLCs) were the first step in the competitive journey for some of our BPA Members. Sadly, after the RLCs, many of our members will not move on to the next competition. However, the end of regional competition does not have to be the end of BPA for our members. There is a multitude of opportunities still available after competitions begin.

The first and most accessible option for new members is to continue participating in local chapter activities, such as fundraising, attending chapter events, or organizing activities related to chapter events. There are flexible and creative options that students can access through local chapter activities, and much of the work done within your local chapter will have a long, meaningful impact that will contribute to the success of that chapter.

Even if you did not place at RLC, there are still ways to attend the state Leadership Conference (SLC). Local chapter officers are able to attend the SLC as voting delegates, and serve in the official business meeting. Torch Awards also allow members to attend the SLC if they did not place in their competitive events. All members who attend the SLC will also have the chance to place and qualify for the National Leadership Conference in open events.

Business Professionals of America is, of course, centered on the business industry. If you are interested in a specific career path or position within the business, technology, or administrative fields, ask your advisor or a member from your state executive council for new ways to network, meet, and shadow professionals in any field-- the opportunities in this aspect of BPA are well worth the effort.

Not placing at your Regional Leadership Conference can be very disappointing, but there are still many options left to thrive during the remainder of your BPA career.

Written by Max Gregg, 2017-2018 Vice-President of Communications

Maurice S. Henderson