PostSecondary BPA


Postsecondary BPA

by Nolan Greisinger, Vice-President of Leadership Development

As many teenagers make their transformation from high school to college, times can be scary. Students may feel a burst of confusion, and wonder where our adolescence went. When the time comes, students may look around their campus for comfort. That is where postsecondary chapters could come in and play a key role. It allows for those who participated in high school to still have the opportunity to participate and continue their skills at the college level.

Students that may not have competed at the high school level can still join at the postsecondary institutions. Starting something new allows for those to step out of their comfort zone while also expanding their resumes, skills and their network.  By being involved in extracurricular activities in college such as BPA, it allows for you to gain real life experience, build connections and thrive. Having that work experience proves to the professional world that you have a strong work ethic, and can achieve just what they are looking for. Most importantly, it shows that as a full time student, you also have the capability to flourish in other things as well. Balancing an education while expanding your knowledge to further yourself shows the passion and drive that these young professionals have. It attributes to much more than one may think, it proves that you can achieve more than one task at a time, and that’s what people are looking for in today’s world.

Postsecondary Business Professionals of America is very similar to the BPA that high school students are used to. These business professionals still compete in many of the same events, travel to a state and even the national leadership conferences.  A list of events that differ from the events students may be used to can be found at At this moment in time the Michigan Association has an exceptionally strong postsecondary division. With a total 10 chapters throughout the entire state, we have a strong presence at the national leadership conference each year. These 10 schools are, Alma College, Bay College/LSSU Regional Center Escanaba, Central Michigan University, Davenport University, Eastern Michigan University, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Mid-Michigan Community College, Montcalm Community College and Northwood University. These colleges and universities have become the future of Business Professionals of America. As the great lakes state we are proud to range from middle level, all the way up to the collegiate level. Each year it is our goal to increase membership; competing in college does just that. Building and expanding our organization to depths we never thought possible defines our mission statement. BPA is seeking to grow and with your own curiosity, it can.

Now, you may be curious as to how you can get involved in a postsecondary chapter. If your secondary school has a chapter already established the first step will be to get in touch with an advisor, and members that are actively involved already. You will then need to pay the preliminary membership dues in order to remain as a National BPA chapter. If you are curious about starting a new chapter, the first step will be to download the local chapter handbook, if you are a new chapter, fill out a new chapter application and review the new advisor training presentation in PDF format. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach out to the state director, or visit the Michigan or National BPA website under the “How To Start a New Chapter” section. We ensure that whether you are a current chapter, or starting a brand new one, BPA will be there to guide, support and help your students thrive in not only the business world, but in your own world. It will teach you the necessary skills to further advance them on their path to success.

Michigan college level students had over 140 students compete at the 2018 state leadership conference, representing 7 postsecondary chapters. Those in attendance competed in 50 different Workplace Skills Assessment Program events. BPA is looking to build upon that each year and with the help of you and those around you can accomplish that and much more throughout the up and coming years.

For those who are making the transition from high school to college, do not forget to join extra-curricular activities to enhance the culture around you. Be the one to make a name for yourself, compete in competitive events and network like no other. Buckle down, find your niche and grow as a business professional here in BPA. Let the postsecondary division take you to new heights and new places while allowing you to remember where you once came from. BPA is here to take you through college and help you find the passion you have been searching for. There are many reasons as to why join a postsecondary chapter, so what is holding you back?

Maurice S. Henderson