An Alumni Spotlight: Jon Perrault

Sunjuna Chalasani

Sunjuna Chalasani

An Alumni Spotlight: Jon Perrault

by Sunjuna Chalasani, Vice-President of Membership

Here’s a look at a recent past national and state officer who hasn’t stopped giving time to Business Professionals of America. We are grateful to have alumni like Jon.

Jon Perrault

Jon Perrault

Name: Jon Perrault

Age: 20

Occupation: Student at Northwood University majoring in Management with a minor in Advertising Marketing

Role(s) within Michigan BPA: Served as local chapter President at Escanaba High School, served as State Secretary/Treasurer on the SEC, and served as the National Secondary Vice-President of Business Professionals of America. Now I serve as the chapter President for the Northwood University chapter and am also the volunteer Social Media Coordinator for Michigan BPA.


Favorite Food: Macaroni and Cheese

Hobbies: Working with my business, Plus Promos, and hanging out with my friends

Passions: Entrepreneurship, event planning, and Apple products

Ideal Vacation: A 2-week cruise to Europe


How many years have you been involved in BPA and what first got you interested?

I have been involved in BPA for 6 years. I became interested in BPA because I have a love and passion for business and entrepreneurship. BPA provided me with a way to showcase my skills, network with other students, and grow as a professional.

You were on both state and national board for BPA. What lead you to run for both? How did those experiences vary?

I love the organization and what it did for me. By running for state and national boards, I got to share the excitement with students across the state and country. Both experiences are very similar in that you prepare a Program of Work with goals and tasks to complete during the year and in the end, you ultimately prepare to celebrate student achievement with a conference. The main difference is with your team members. On the state level, you tend to have a closer team because you meet in-person several times throughout the year. On the national level, your team members are from every corner of the country, so you only meet them in person about three times.

You are currently studying business at Northwood. How did your experiences from BPA aid in how you approached college?

BPA gave me a plethora of leadership tools that have helped me in my college career. I have been able to use my skills from BPA to get an internship, join many organizations, and get several on-campus jobs.

What led you to work for the state office now?

Mr. Henderson had asked me to take over this position last year at the 2018 National Leadership Conference. I was more than happy to accept the position and am looking forward to creating dynamic social media content to share BPA’s awesome message with the world.

What is your favorite thing(s) about BPA?

I love the BPA conferences! Even as an alumni of Michigan BPA, I still get the same excitement that I did the first time that I attended way back in the day!

What is your favorite BPA memory?

My favorite BPA memory was being elected to the National Officer Team. All of my hard work with the organization was worth it at that very point.

Lastly, what do you think is important for future business professional to know?

Life is not easy by any means. Know that each day is a new one, so go in with a positive attitude and a smile and make it the best day ever.

Maurice S. Henderson