Fundraising Through a State Service Project


Fundraising Through a State Service Project

by Nolan Greisinger, Vice President of Leadership Development

Sometimes in life, it is hard to find a motivating drive, whether that be in school, sports, extra-curricular activities or just life in general. Often it is a driving force that persuades individuals to get involved and become motivated to create change in and out of their communities.

For the 2018-2019 school year, Michigan Business Professionals of America have paired up with different Veteran Organizations throughout the state of Michigan. The sole purpose is to “Serve Those Who Have Served”, by this we plan to make the lives of those who have given so much for our freedom just a little bit better. With the help of your chapters, we can make that happen.

There are many ways that we are asking those to get involved. Whether that be on site and getting your hands dirty at the VA hospitals or raising monetary donations. Fundraising is a key step in that process. Fundraising can be defined as “the organized activity of raising funds (as for an institution or political cause) — often used before another noun (Merriam- Webster)”. With many different ideas and ways to get involved, we ask you, a member of our great organization to just that. Raise the funds, take initiative and raise the spirits of those around you. There are a plethora of ways to do so, even coming up with your own unique idea may even be the best route to take.

There is a multitude amount of ways to fund raise, that can be raising money, doing a food drive, clothing article drive and even fundraising toiletry items. You can start at your school and ask the students to bring these items in. A way to get a solid turnout is providing an incentive for the winning group of students or faculty. By way of competition, people tend to want to participate more. For this year’s state service project that is just what we are looking for, more creative ways to help those who have sacrificed so much for us. By raising money, it may allow for those group homes to do more activities with their residence. By donating clothes it may help those who cannot afford to get new clothes an extra layer of clothes for the cold months ahead. Even the simple task of writing a letter, may spark a smile and make their day just that much better.

Fundraising has many meanings behind it, but it has the sole purpose of benefiting those that are the target market. Making the life’s of those around you better can have a drastic impact on not only them but yourself as well. People who fund raise can build upon their skill set that they previously have, or even learn a new one. Standing up and taking a leadership role may be stressful, hard and never seem to have an end; but once that end goal is reached the reward will pay off. Whatever reason it is that you may want to fund raise, let it be for the greater good of those in and out of your community. Let the fact that you are helping those in need be the driving force that allows you to create change in this world.

Starting anything can be difficult, it is hard to know just where to start and just what needs to be done. The most difficult may just be the question of, “what do I do as a fundraiser?”. Here are just a few things that people do as a fundraiser. Have a bake sale, this can be done at your local high school or even around your community. Doing a can drive is a good way to bring in revenue and takes just one afternoon of work to generate a good amount of money. Organize a 5k walk/run for those around your community to allow those to get an afternoon workout while also raising the funds for those veterans that are in need. For more ideas you can look them up on the website, also do not forget to get as creative as you can.

This year we are excited to pair with organizations that give back to those who gave so much for us. Fundraising for this year’s state service project will be one that will challenge you, spark a light inside of you, while also being rewarding for you as you are on your path to relying on your rarity this school year. So we challenge you, Michigan BPA to not look back and raise money while also raising the spirits of those around you.

Maurice S. Henderson