Putting the “Fun” Back in Fundraising


Putting the “Fun” Back in Fundraising

by Apoorva Dayananda, State Secretary/Treasurer

Fundraising can often be boring, stressful, and uncomfortable. For the people they are targeted towards, they can be perceived as pretty annoying. But, what if there was a way to make them enjoyable for both sides while making it seem as if it was not even a fundraiser.

Some fundraisers include knocking on every door in your neighborhood and asking for money. However, this way may be awkward and boring for both you and whomever’s door you are knocking on. Nevertheless, there are different fundraisers to help avoid this awkwardness. In fact there is one for every letter of the alphabet: auctions, bake sales, carnivals, dinner parties, egg hunts, food truck rallies, game nights, haunted houses, ice cream socials, jewelry sales, karaoke nights, lip-synch battle, movie nights, night out day, obstacle course, pancake breakfast, quizzes (ex: match-o-matics), raffles, sports tournaments, talent shows, used book sale, valentines grams, water activities (water guns, tubing, boating, etc.), X-Mas crafts, yoga, and Zumba. The idea of these fundraisers is providing the donors with an experience for their money. Additionally, these types of fundraisers will attract potential donors and provide a fun way to raise money for both yourself as well as the public.

While fundraising, there are some key ideas to keep in mind. First, set clear goals that you want your fundraiser to achieve. These goals help set a course for your fundraiser and ensure that it runs smoothly, which can help reduce the stress that comes with planning and running a fundraiser.

Second, don’t be afraid to approach people. While it may seem daunting at first, people are fun to talk to. Through this communication, you are promoting your organization, thus increasing its presence within your community.

Third, fundraise as a team. A team promotes new ideas and provides a diverse set of skills to help with your fundraiser. Additionally, a team builds energy and motivation, which are essential in encouraging people to donate.

Also, don’t be afraid to try something new. The same fundraiser gets boring, causing people not to come. By changing things up, it will spark new interest in potential donors.

Furthermore, put yourself in the donor’s shoes. Why would they want to come to your fundraiser? Some donors will donate out of the goodness of their hearts; however, others will need some sort of incentive from your fundraiser. For example, you could provide food, merchandise, or raffle prizes. The donor should come away with from your fundraiser with something; whether it may be something physical or an experience.

Most importantly, always have a positive attitude towards your organization and fundraiser. Having a positive attitude will encourage people to donate and come to future fundraises. Additionally, positive attitudes convey your passion towards the organization that you are representing, which shows people why they should contribute money through your fundraiser.

A successful fundraiser not only entails the amount of dollars raised but also the relationships built with the community. These relationships will increase the presence of your organization and help ensure the success of your future fundraisers.

Maurice S. Henderson