Success Stories from Michigan BPA


Success Stories from Michigan BPA

by Ashley Speck, Vice-President of Chapter Activities

As a junior in high school I believed there was no organization that I could join to help me become a better person; I thought wrong. When I joined BPA, I thought I was signing up for an event that was going to be just a competition. Then, I walked into Baker College and I realized that it is so much more than that. People with different interests were able to call themselves business professionals and instantly relate with members they had never met simply because they were also involved in BPA. It was incredible.

Success from our members does not just come from how far they get competing; it is about their personal growth. Our members join BPA as students and leave as well-trained professionals. Michigan BPA has a strong presence.


A student from Clarkston was able to meet a student from Mason, and that started a friendship that will last a lifetime. The state officer teams from years past to present have created bonds that will help mold the future. Students from Bay Arenac ISD were able to obtain internships and jobs through the connections that BPA has given them. Students can connect with students that are like minded and they are able to bond over BPA, and so much more.


Students can grow and mold into real life professionals. A student was able to place in every open event at regional competitions and with that, his name is now well known. Many students go into their first regional competition and they realize it is so much more than a test. From sitting in the room with many other students or outside a room waiting for your interview time, you are surrounded with people that have likeminded goals. Goals that may be just to advance or to give back for torch points, or to get over the fear of public speaking. When students accomplish a goal, they are molding a future. No matter the size of the accomplishment, they are simply creating a success story. Professionals of every age know how hard it is to stand out in front of peers. Michigan BPA opens the doors for ambitious students wanting for change and are willing speak up. Ryan, a student from BAISD, says BPA has made it easier from him to approach people, or even speak to them in large groups. Kat, a student from Wilson Talent Center says that BPA has allowed her to become more confident, organized, and professional, as well as allowing her to work together for success rather than alone.


The advisors get satisfaction when their chapter grows and shapes into a “dream team.” Many advisors stay a part of BPA for many years. Some of them get recognized on a national stage. Many advisors put in endless hours, which help our members’ success stories. From aiding the local officer team, helping students study for competitions, or the early mornings before competitions, advisors are paving each student’s success story as well as molding their own.

Your Success Story

Students from across the state of Michigan have been impacted. Whether you fit into the category of a changed young professional, or you are just entering your first regional competition. You can create your own success story just like me and many other students that have stood where you are currently standing. This is the place where together we can rely on our rarities and create a personalized success story.

Maurice S. Henderson