Earn Your Torch Award

Have you ever attended a regional leadership conference (RLC) and felt discouraged that you didn’t place in your events? I have experienced those feelings in my sophomore year when I went to RLC. I was extremely upset and disappointed in myself; however, my chapter president encouraged me to participate in the Torch Awards Program which enabled me to go to the state leadership conference.

For the three years I was involved in BPA, I participated in the Torch Awards Program and received Ambassador recognition all three times. Also, I have personally also assisted the Swan Valley Middle School Chapter with torch awards and helped other students create their resume. I strongly believe it is beneficial to participate in the program because it provides an opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments.

The Torch Awards Program is an alternate way to receive recognition and to be able to attend the state or national leadership conferences. It is a program that is often referred to as an electronic resume where you must include activities you have participated in over the course of your BPA years. The program is designed to promote professionalism and leadership in both career development and personal growth.

There are seven categories which are: leadership, service, cooperation, knowledge, friendship, patriotism, and love, hope, faith. Each category has different activities in which you can participate. The activities vary in point values worth 5, 10, 15, or 20 points.

There are four levels of recognition which are executive, diplomat, statesman, and ambassador. To receive the executive torch award you must have 10 points in each of the 7 categories; diplomat, 30 points in each category; statesman, 50 points in each category; and, ambassador, 70 points in each category. You must have these set amount of points in each individual category to receive recognition. The resume must be formatted in a specific way and a submitted by the appropriate deadline to be eligible for awards. Each activity that is logged has a description that must be in a complete sentence and grammatically correct.

The Torch Awards Program is open to all Business Professionals of America members in the Middle Level, Secondary, and Post-Secondary divisions. Visit our Torch Awards page for more information.

Written by Binisha Patel, Vice-President of Leadership Development

Maurice S. Henderson