Tips for Membership Recruitment

Here are some different ways to increase membership within your chapter

  • Have a booth set-up at registration for all grades at your school
  • Host informational meetings at the beginning of the year to spark an interest in BPA and in your chapter
  • Put posters and signs around your school to make fellow students aware of your BPA chapter
  • Go to your middle school/junior high school and inform the students about BPA so hopefully when those students move to the high school they will be excited to join BPA
  • During the school year have fun meetings/activities planned (example: an ice cream party, bowling event, movie night, etc.)
  • Use social media to advertise and market your chapter and have current members and officers of your BPA chapter promote the organization
  • Create a website that is user-friendly and have it available on your school’s main website that way parents have a way of staying involved
  • Throughout the summer, host gatherings or summer activities for current BPA members and tell them to invite those who they think might be interested in BPA as well

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Maurice S. Henderson