Run for State Office to Demonstrate Your Talent


As the Regional Leadership Conferences approach, so does the deadline for turning in a State Executive Council Candidate application. The application can be found on the documents page of our website and is titled “State Executive Council (State Officer) Candidate Application.” Everything you will need is included in the document. The application deadline of January 10, 2018 is fast approaching.

After you submit your application, Mr. Henderson, Michigan BPA’s State Director, will schedule a phone interview with you. The best part of the application process is at the SLC, where you will have the opportunity to give a two-minute speech, interview with the current officers, answer an impromptu question during the annual business meeting, and even have a booth at a campaign rally where you can introduce yourself to several voting delegates. While the application seems daunting, the role as an officer provides endless opportunities. If there is one tip we can offer, we would recommend making your campaign unique. For example, try to make your tri-fold for the campaign rally stand out. Please do not hesitate to contact any of your current state officers if you have further questions. They are more than happy to be of any assistance to you.

Maurice S. Henderson