How to Prepare for Regional Competition


The regional leadership conferences are fast approaching and will be here before we know it! To be prepared for the conference there are a few things we suggest you do:

  1. Practice Practice Practice! Practicing helps you become familiar with the events and as people say “practice makes perfect.” It raise your chances of going to the State Leadership Conference and the National Leadership Conference. Study old versions of your event as well as open events and study up on the Merit Scholar Test.
  2. Research! Talk to your advisors about what you can do for your event to prepare for RLC whether it be attending a mock presentation or watching a webinar. Your advisors are very knowledgeable and are a great resource to you.
  3. Build yourself up! Confidence is key. Each day, compliment yourself. Be your biggest fan so when it is time for your event you will be able to pump yourself up and reach your highest confidence level so you know you will do great!
  4. Lastly, make sure you are prepared! Create a timeline and checklist for yourself so that you do not procrastinate until the night before RLC. Have your bag packed and supplies ready so you can get a full night’s sleep and feel ready to crush your event. Being over prepared is better than being underprepared.

Try to reach success by following these suggestions so you can show up for regional competition feeling prepared, confident, well practiced, and full of knowledge! If you go into competition in the right mind, we might see you at the SLC in March!

Written by Tasha Hagelberger, State Parliamentarian

Maurice S. Henderson