Dressing for Success


In order to be successful in a business career you should dress to match the part. It is a proven fact that people perform better when they dress well. In addition, people earn more respect when they are more presentable and polished.

Gentlemen, to dress for ultimate success you need to wear one of the following:

  • Dress slacks, dress shirt, and tie
  • Suit, dress shirt, and tie
  • Sport coat, coordinated dress slacks, dress shirt and tie
  • Dress shoes are required with all of the above.

Ladies, for your business endeavors your attire must fit these restrictions:

  • Business suit or business dress
  • Skirt with coordinated blouse and/or sweater
  • Dress slacks with coordinated blouse and/or sweater
  • Coordinated slack outfit
  • Skirts and dresses must be no shorter than two inches (2”) above the knee
  • Dress shoes or sandals with a heel required with all of the above. (Shoe heels must be three inches (3”) or shorter. Open-toed shoes are allowed but be cautious about wearing shoes that are too casual)

Dressing professional does not have to be plain, you can still have style! Wear a colorful business skirt or blazer, or wear a fun patterned dress shirt to spice up your outfit. If you have a power outfit/power suit then you will feel powerful, which can lead to confidence and success!

Wearing professional attire to a professional event will always pay off because you will look like you are meant to be there, it is better to be overdressed than underdressed, so dress to impress and you will have success!

Written by Tasha Hagelberger, 2017-2018 State Parliamentarian

Maurice S. Henderson