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  • Membership and Membership Dues

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Membership AND MEMBERSHIP Dues:

+ How much are membership dues for the current year (2019-2020)?

Membership dues are $25 per person (students and advisors). The breakdown is $14 for national membership and $11 for state membership.

+ Where do I submit membership dues?

Membership dues are processed online at Go to this website and review the membership procedures and online registration section. You will need a username and password to access the system.

+ What if I don't remember my username or password to register my students and advisors for membership?

Visit and click the link that says "Member Login" and then you will be able to request that your username and password be sent to you. If you are a new chapter, Visit our How to Join page for more details.

+ How do I enter myself as an advisor and pay membership dues?

You are automatically entered by way of being a chapter advisor. You will see your name at the top of the first invoice you create for your chapter in the online membership registration system. When you login to the membership registration system at, if you do not see your name list in the “Advisors” box in the upper-right corner of the page, you may click the “Add/Edit” link to add additional advisors. Alternatively, you can click that link to delete advisors as well.

NOTE: Advisors who oversee multiple chapters will be invoiced on only one dues invoice.

+ When is the membership dues deadline?

SECONDARY DIVISION: Membership dues must be submitted by November 1 for all chapter advisors and any students that have paid through that date. The absolute final deadline to add any students who wish to compete at the regional leadership conference is December 2. Both of these deadlines are online submission deadlines. Students who are submitted after December 2 will be eligible to compete in the open events only.
POSTSECONDARY DIVISION: Preliminary membership dues must be submitted by November 1. However, the absolute final date for postsecondary students is January 24. Students who are submitted after January 24 will be eligible to compete in open events only.

+ Where do I mail my membership dues payment?

For your national dues ($14.00 per person), your online form along with payment are mailed to Business Professionals of America P. O. Box 729, Westerville, OH 43086. For your state dues ($11.00 per person), the invoice you receive via e-mail attachment from the state office along with the payment are mailed to Business Professionals of America, Eastern Michigan University, 208 King Hall, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. (See question below regarding credit card payments.)

+ I sent my national membership dues ($14 per person) to Ohio. How do I pay my state membership dues ($11 per person) to the state office?

Within two business days after you have entered your members' names in the online membership registration system, the state office will prepare and e-mail you an invoice for your state membership dues. Once you have received the invoice, submit payment and you are all set. Do not be terribly concerned about the membership deadline dates in terms of payment because obviously you cannot pay the dues until you have received the invoice form our office. We are aware that you can't pay membership dues for an invoice that you have yet to receive.

+ Can I pay for my membership dues by credit card?

Yes. You may pay via credit card.

For state membership dues, you may submit your payment online only. Payments are not accepted via telephone. Please visit www.michiganbpaorg/credit/ to pay via credit card. Additional processing fees will apply to credit card payments.

For national membership dues, you must download and submit a credit card payment authorization form to National BPA. Download the National BPA Credit Card Authorization Form (PDF). You may complete this form and submit it to National BPA via fax, e-mail, or U.S. mail.

+ I submitted the name of a student who no longer wants to be involved OR I submitted the wrong student’s name. Can I change that student’s name to a different name?

Membership names can only be swapped on a membership list within five (5) business days of submitting an invoice. This is stated on the national invoice and in the pop-up window that appears before an invoice is submitted. If it is beyond those five days, the original student’s name must remain on the list and membership dues payment is required for that student. As it relates to the student who you would have added onto your membership roster, you can always add additional members before the deadline by logging in to the membership registration system at

+ Can I add students who have not paid by the November 1 deadline?

In Michigan, since the regional registration deadline is in mid November, you should plan to submit all your students' names at least two business days before the regional regional competition registration deadline in order to avoid any regional competition registration late fees. Any names and registrations submitted after the registration deadline will be charged a $100 late fee if you wish to have the student compete in any competitions other than open events. Otherwise, the student may still join and compete in open events only and all other BPA programs. For Postsecondary chapters, students can be added up until late January 24.

+ How do I fix a student’s name that is misspelled?

In order to fix any students’ names that are misspelled, please complete the following steps:

  1. Login to the membership system online at
  2. Click the “Enter/View Your Members” link
  3. Click the “List All Members” button
  4. Locate the student whose name is misspelled then click the “Name Spelling Correction Request” next to that person’s name.
  5. Fill out the name correction form and push the “Submit” button
  6. Wait for the confirmation message, within several business days, to confirm that the change has been made

Starting a Chapter:

+ Is it too late to start a chapter this year?

For the secondary division, the deadline for starting a chapter is in mid November. Check our calendar for the New Chapter Charter Deadline. Deadlines are different for the secondary (high school) and postsecondary (college) divisions. We recommend that you obtain a local chapter handbook from If it’s too late to start a chapter this year, you can still review the new chapter handbook in order to prepare for joining next year. In addition, you may still attend our conferences and events as a guest by contacting us at 734.487.1700.

+ How do I start or reactivate a chapter?

If you are a new chapter advisor or reactivating a previous chapter, please e-mail State Director Maurice S. Henderson at All others who are new chapters, visit our How to Join page for instructions on how to start a chapter.

+ Is there a training session I can attend to help learn how to start a chapter?

A new advisor orientation workshop is held each year during the MBEA Annual Convention. Visit for convention dates and registration information. If you plan to attend this session, please e-mail State Director Maurice S. Henderson at


+ When is the deadline for submitting our Torch Awards application/résumé?

For deadlines and mailing addresses, go to our Torch Awards page by clicking here.

+ Where do I submit my Torch Awards application/résumé?

For the submission instructions, go to our Torch Awards page by clicking here.

+ How far back can I claim activities in the Torch Awards Program? Can I start from when I first joined?

Members can count all activities they participated in while a member of Business Professionals of America. For example, if a senior has been a member for four years, he/she can count activities done during those four years. This includes activities done during the summer. Furthermore, if someone is a freshman, they can only claim activities since they joined BPA not activities prior to that time.

+ How frequently can I claim a particular activity?

The number in parentheses next to the activity indicates the number of times an item can be used on the same résumé. As long as it is for different events, it can be used multiple times.

+ Do the Torch Awards points carry over from one year to the next if I want to apply for the award again?

Many chapters allow their members to apply for the same award a following year. Members may carry over a limited number of points in each category, but a majority of the points must be for new activities. NOTE: Students who have obtained their ambassador award in a previous school year must start over at zero points.

+ How do I find out why I was rejected for the Diplomat and/or Statesman Award?

When the student logs on to their résumé online, he/she will see the reason the application was rejected. Advisors can also see the reason their student(s) résumé was rejected.

+ If I am rejected for the Diplomat Award may I still apply for the Statesman and/or Ambassador Award?

If your application/submission for the Diplomat Award is rejected, you may still apply for the Statesman and/or Ambassador Award.

+ Do I have to receive the Statesman Award before I get the Ambassador?

You do not have to receive the award from one level before applying for the next level. Members can apply for and receive the awards in any order they wish.

+ If I need assistance with administering the Torch Awards Program at my chapter, who can I contact?

You can contact Matt Leddy via email at


+Where do I find the guidelines for the state theme graphic and trading pin contests?

The guidelines for these events are located on the Documents page of our website at

+ Are there any scholarships available to offset a student’s cost to attend the state leadership conference?

Unfortunately there are no scholarships available for any members to attend the BPA Annual State Leadership Conference. Most schools have fundraisers and ask for donations from community businesses in order to help offset the cost.

+ What is the Merit Scholar test?

The Merit Scholar test recognizes individual members and advisors for their knowledge of Business Professionals of America and motivates all members and advisors to learn as much as possible about the history, traditions, programs, and activities of the organization. Any dues-paid state member or advisor attending the state leadership conference is automatically registered to take this test. More specific details about this event can be found in the Michigan Guidelines Supplement, which is available for download from

+ How can I remain involved in BPA after graduation?

Alumni members help at the various conferences as contest administrators, proctors, graders, judges, and more. In addition, alumni members are involved with assisting current members at the local chapter level. Membership in the alumni division is free to any and all past BPA members or anyone interested in volunteering to help at our events. For more information, contact Alumni Coodinator Maria Myers at

+ Are Virtual Events conducted at the regional level and do they count towards the number of events a student can compete in?

Virtual events are neither conducted at nor associated with regional competition. In addition, they do NOT count as one of the student's two main events. Students may compete in as many virtual events as they wish IN ADDITION TO all the competitions to which they are eligible to participate in at the regional level.