All credit card payments will be processed directly by the chapter advisors or school financial representatives. A credit card processing fee will be incorporated directly into each line item. (Example: Instead of membership dues being charged at $11.00 per person, when the payment is processed the per person charge will show up as $11.25.)  (Effective December 1, 2011)

Receipts will be sent via e-mail directly to the person who enters his/her e-mail address when the payment is processed. In addition, the electronic receipt for payment will show a different amount than the original invoice you may have received.

Also, if you have received an invoice from Michigan BPA prior to submitting your credit card payment, please make sure you have that invoice available in order to enter the invoice number on the appropriate screen when submitting your payment. However, invoice numbers are notrequired if payment is submitted at the time of registering for a conference.

Click here to make a credit card payment to Michigan BPA