The Workplace Skills Assessment Program is an integral part of Business Professionals of America. The goal of the program is to provide all business students the opportunity to demonstrate workplace skills learned through business education curricula. Students will:

  • demonstrate occupational competencies;

  • broaden knowledge, skills, and attitudes;

  • expand leadership and human relation skills;

  • demonstrate a competitive spirit; and

  • receive recognition.

The organization offers more than 50 events in various areas related to financial, administrative support, information technology, management, marketing, and human resources. There is an additional event offered in the Michigan Association which deals with spelling and grammar called Business Spelling. This event is offered at the regional and state levels only. Another event--Merit Scholar--is offered at the state and national levels only.

Secondary students may enter enter two events, only one of which may be a team event. Postsecondary students may enter three events, only one of which may be a team event. A student may enter an unlimited number of open events. Students do not need to pre-qualify for open events to compete at the state or national leadership conferences.

Every advisor must visit to download a current edition of the Workplace Skills Assessment Program Guidelines, Style & Reference Manual, Human Resource Manual, Individual Entry Form, Team Entry Form, and Release Form.

In addition to the WSAP Guidelines, every Michigan advisor in the secondary division must have the current issue of the Michigan Guidelines Supplement. This document is available from the documents page of our website.

The Michigan Association takes pride in educating our members on creating a professional image and demonstrating proper behavior. Therefore, we have adopted a dress code and delegate code of conduct for members to follow while attending all of our conferences, events, and activities. The dress code and delegate code of conduct are published in the Michigan Guidelines Supplement.

This is a list of all Workplace Skills Assessment Program events that are offered in Michigan. If an event is NOT offered in Michigan, it will be indicated below.



  • Fundamental Accounting

  • College Accounting (Postsecondary only)

  • Advanced Accounting

  • Advanced College Accounting (Postsecondary only)

  • Payroll Accounting

  • College Payroll Accounting (Postsecondary only)

  • Managerial Accounting (Postsecondary only)

  • Federal Income Tax Accounting (Postsecondary only)

  • Banking & Finance

  • Financial Analyst Team

  • Economic Research Individual (Secondary only)

  • Economic Research Team (Secondary only)

  • Personal Financial Management

  • Financial Math & Analysis-Open Event


  • Fundamental Word Processing

  • Intermediate Word Processing

  • Advanced Word Processing

  • Integrated Office Applications

  • Basic Office Systems & Procedures

  • Advanced Office Systems & Procedures

  • Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications

  • Advanced Spreadsheet Applications

  • Database Applications

  • Legal Office Procedures

  • Medical Office Procedures

  • Administrative Support Team

  • Administrative Support Research Project (Secondary only)

  • Business Law & Ethics

  • ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding (Postsecondary only)

  • Administrative Support Concepts-Open Event


  • Computer Network Technology

  • PC Servicing & Troubleshooting

  • Server Administration Using Microsoft

  • Network Administration Using Cisco

  • Computer Security

  • Network Design Team (Secondary chapters must contact Joe Sobeske at Branch Area Careers Center for competition information.)

  • Visual Basic/C# Programming

  • C++ Programming

  • Java Programming

  • SQL Database Fundamentals

  • Linux Operating System Fundamentals (Pilot) (Not offered in Michigan)

  • Computer Programming Concepts-Open Event

  • Information Technology Concepts-Open Event


  • Fundamental Desktop Publishing

  • Fundamentals of Web Design

  • Graphic Design Promotion

  • Digital Publishing (NOT offered in Michigan)

  • Digital Media Production

  • Computer Modeling (Secondary only; NOT offered in Michigan)

  • Video Production Team

  • Website Design Team

  • Computer Animation Team (Secondary only)

  • Broadcast News Production Team (Secondary only)

  • Digital Communication and Design Concepts-Open Event


  • Global Marketing Team (Secondary only)

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Small Business Management Team

  • Interview Skills

  • Advanced Interview Skills

  • Extemporaneous Speech (Secondary only)

  • Contemporary Issues (Postsecondary only)

  • Human Resource Management

  • Ethics & Professionalism (Postsecondary only)

  • Prepared Speech

  • Parliamentary Procedure Team (Secondary only)

  • Presentation Management Individual

  • Presentation Management Team

  • Business Meeting Management Concepts-Open Event

  • Management, Marketing & Human Resources Concepts-Open Event

  • Parliamentary Procedure Concepts-Open Event

  • Project Management Concepts-Open Event (Postsecondary only)

  • Digital Marketing Concepts-Open Event


  • Business Spelling-Open Event (Secondary only)

  • Merit Scholar-Open Event (Secondary only)


These events are offered at the national level only. Please review the Workplace Skills Assessment Program Guidelines for specific details about these events. The Michigan BPA State Office does not manage any of these events. Therefore, any questions regarding these virtual events must be directed to Director of Education Amber McNew at

  • Virtual Multimedia and Promotion Individual

  • Virtual Multimedia and Promotion Team

  • Software Engineering Team

  • Web Application Team

  • Mobile Applications

  • Promotional Photography

  • Cybersecurity/Digital Forensics

  • Start-up Enterprise Team

  • Financial Portfolio Management Team