Meet Your State Officers

Learn a little more about the 2012-2013 state officers and see them in action throughout their term in the photo gallery below.

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 Your state officers are ready for action at the state of the 2012 BPA Fall Leadership Conference.
From left to right: Antara, Marissa, Benjamin, Moiead, Laura, Matt, and Hayley.


Name: Moiead Charawi
Title: State President
Chapter/Currently Attending: Dearborn High School
Interests: Mathematics, physical/life sciences, computer programming, learning, and business Career Plans: Mathematician/Theoretical Physicist and Business/Management
Years in BPA: 2
How has BPA helped me: BPA has provided me with a pathway to apply my skills in business-related areas and has allowed me to exhibit my leadership beyond the scope of my high school.
Most Memorable Moment in BPA: Giving my state officer candidate impromptu question "Conquer the World" response during the state conference.

Name: Laura Kelly

Title: Executive Vice-President
Chapter: St. Louis High School
Currently Attending: Albion College
Career Plans: Teach mathematics and Spanish at the secondary level
Interests: Other than BPA, running cross country and track and field, reading, and traveling.
How many years in BPA: 4
How has BPA helped me: BPA has helped me improve my leadership, public speaking, and social skills while learning more about being a professional in the business world.
Most Memorable Moment in BPA: Packing into the elevators after sessions at the state and national conferences. As long as you don’t exceed the weight limit, it is always a great way to meet new people!

Name: Matt Leddy
Title: State Secretary/Treasurer
Chapter/Currently Attending: Swan Valley High School
Interests: BPA, soccer, baseball, student government, reading, and spending time with family and friends
Career Plans: Political Science or Business Management
How many years in BPA: 2
How has BPA helped me: Business Professionals of America is preparing me to become competitive in the workforce by providing essential business skills at a young age. Not only the business skills, but BPA has also given me the opportunity to develop friendships with other business professionals from across the country.
Most Memorable Moment in BPA: Being elected a state officer was one of the most exciting moments in my life. Having the support from the peers from my school, and other chapters across the state was an awarding experience. The preparation and hard work definitely paid off.

Name: Benjamin J. Soltis
Title: State Parliamentarian
Chapter: Jackson Area Career Center
Currently Attending: Grand Valley State University
Years in BPA: 2
Interests: Computers and technology, political science, US Government, marching band, machinery, boy scouts, and history.
Career Plans:  Major in computer science with a minor in business and political science
How BPA has helped me: Besides the social aspect of meeting many new people outside my home community from different parts of Michigan and our nation, it has challenged me to prepare for the business market of tomorrow with great skill assessment programs among tomorrows business professionals.
Most Memorable Moment in BPA: I met some cool friends at our regional leadership conference and later at the state conference in Grand Rapids, we went as a group to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. It was very cool to learn about an Eagle Scout who did so much for our country.

Name: Hayley Chartier
Title: State Historian
Chapter: New Haven High School
Currently Attending: Northwood University
Interests: Outside of BPA, I enjoy playing softball, volleyball, and yoga, participating in my local 4-H group, creating stained glass artwork, and hanging out with friends and family.
Career Plans: Major in Hospitality and minor in Marketing
How many years in BPA: 4
How has BPA helped me: BPA has opened my eyes to the business field. It has helped me become a better leader, speaker, and gain life skills. BPA not only has helped me become a stronger person, but it allowed me to meet lifelong friends that are just like me.
Most Memorable Moment in BPA: Being elected for the state executive council was definitely my biggest BPA memory by far! After going through the interviews, my speech, and the induction ceremony I felt famous and important!

Name: Marissa Kinney
Title: Vice-President of Leadership Development
Chapter/Currently Attending: DeWitt High School
Interests: I enjoy cheerleading, working, shopping, watching football and spending time with my family and friends.
Career Plans: Someday I hope to own my own daycare or Biggby cafe.
How many years in BPA: 3
How has BPA helped me: BPA has helped me gain confidence in everything I do. I have learned to become a better public speaker, and I have learned how to communicate with strangers more easily.
Most Memorable Moment in BPA: My most memorable moment in BPA would have to be hearing my name called on stage when announcing our new state executive council. It was such a wonderful moment that I will never forget.

Name: Antara Afrin
Title: Vice-President of Communications
Chapter/Currently Attending: Cass Technical High School
Interests: Traveling, cooking, crafts, spending time with friends/family and definitely community service! I love helping those in need through various national service projects such as Teens for Jeans and the Epic Book Drive.
Career Plans: Attend the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor to major in Neuroscience or Pre-Med and minor in Journalism
How many years in BPA: 3
How has BPA helped me: BPA has helped me become a better leader. My communication and public speaking skills improved from the different competitive events I participated in such as Advanced Interview Skills.
Most Memorable Moment in BPA: My most memorable moment in BPA would be Regional 2011 competition. After my competitive events were over, I had time to spend with my best friend. He started telling jokes and I was literally on the floor laughing.