Meet Your State Executive Council

Learn a little more about the 2017-2018 state officers by reading their bios below.

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Name: Jessica Marvin
State Officer Title: State President
Chapter and/or School Currently Attending: Byron Area High School/Northwood University
Interests: Binge watching Netflix, Watching Disney movies, Basketball, Golf, Track and Field (I throw on Northwood’s Track & Field team), and spending time with family and friends.
Career Plans: To earn my BBA and MBA from Northwood University, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Management Information Systems and eventually work in a marketing department for a company I love.
How many years in BPA: 4
How BPA has helped me: BPA has provided me with countless opportunities to become a better leader, student, community member, and business professional. This organization has made me more outgoing and allowed me to make amazing friendships and connections.
Most memorable moment in BPA: My most memorable moment was when my name was called as a State Executive Council Elect. Standing on stage with my new SEC team and getting to know each other afterwards in the reception and at the SLC dance made for an amazing and memorable night.
Favorite Quote: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” - Unknown

Name: Kaytlyn Honore
State Officer Title: Executive Vice-President
Chapter and/or School Currently Attending: Whitehall High School
Interests: My casual everyday interests include cuddling with my two dogs, watching football, spending time with friends and family, and working. My educational interests are to study diverse cultures, languages, and governments while incorporating that knowledge into a business career.
Career Plans: I plan on going into business (either finance, human resources, medical administration, or trade management) and receiving my Master Business Administration degree.
How many years in BPA: 4
How BPA has helped me: BPA has helped me in many ways. BPA has pushed me outside of my comfort zones to get real life business experience and to find my true comfort and passion in life:  the business world. It has allowed me to meet many professionals of all ages and around the entire world, but teaching me how to communicate and network.
Most memorable moment in BPA: My most memorable moment in BPA was during the Fall Leadership Conference in 2015. The song “One Man Can Change the World” was playing, and in that moment, I knew that I wanted to run for State Executive Council and be a leader in this amazing association.
Favorite Quote: “In times of difficulty, those brave enough to stay the course will be victors in the end.” Bo Schembechler

Name: Shaina Shah
State Officer Title: State Secretary/Treasurer
Chapter and/or School Currently Attending: Bedford High School
Interests: I love to read, play tennis, watch movies and hang out with friends and my family.
Career Plans: I want to pursue a career involving the sciences. I really enjoy chemistry and hope to incorporate that into my major.
How many years in BPA: 4
How BPA has helped me: BPA has helped me to become a better public speaker and gain more confidence in my abilities. I have also made numerous friends through BPA and developed valuable organizational and presentation skills.
Most memorable moment in BPA: The extreme amount of joy that I felt when I heard my name being called during the announcement of the new state officers. That feeling of accomplishment was priceless! I will never forget that moment.
Favorite Quote: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Name: Douglas G. Walters
State Officer Title: State Historian
Chapter and/or School Currently Attending: Clarenceville High School
Interests: Theatre, bowling, marching band, Disney, kayaking, swimming, napping, snacking, and my aquarium.
Career Plans: After graduation I plan on attending Eastern Michigan University or Oakland University to pursue the performing arts to become an actor.
How many years in BPA: 4
How BPA has helped me: BPA has given me the chance to learn what it takes to become a successful leader, student, and community member. I have made more friendships and experiences that I will never forget. BPA has also taught me what it means to lead a group to success and how to use what I’ve learned to help my fellow
Most memorable moment in BPA: One of the most memorable moments in BPA was sitting in the hotel meeting room late at night with the rest of the state officers working on our assignments and waiting for our Dominos to arrive because they had messed up our orders.
Favorite Quote: "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I ended up where I needed to be." -Douglas Adams

Name: Natasha Hagelberger
State Officer Title: State Parliamentarian
Chapter and/or School Currently Attending: Williamston High School Senior
Interests: Movie marathons with my friends, golfing, working, napping, hugging my dogs, and traveling the world.
Career Plans: Double major in entrepreneurship and psychology to eventually either start a business or become an occupational therapist.
How many years in BPA: 4
How BPA has helped me: BPA has given me the confidence I never thought I would have, it has given me friends that I will have forever and it has opened so many opportunities for me in my everyday life.
Most memorable moment in BPA: The state officers chowing down at steak and shake and then coming back to the hotel to do facemasks and bond.
Favorite Quote: “I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.” -Arthur Rubinstein

Name: Mckenna Magda
State Officer Title: Vice-President of Membership
Chapter and/or School Currently Attending: Eastern Michigan University
Interests: Watching Netflix, dancing, hanging out with friends, shopping, and laying with my cat
Career Plans: Human Resources
How many years in BPA: 3
How BPA has helped me: Overcome my fear of public speaking
Most memorable moment in BPA: Hanging out in my advisor’s room till 2 in the morning play charades the night before awards.
Favorite Quote: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” -Walt Disney

Name: Binisha Patel
State Officer Title: Vice-President of Leadership Development
Chapter and/or School Currently Attending: Swan Valley High School/Michigan State University
Interests: Binge watching Netflix, jamming out to music, watching NBA and college basketball, traveling, eating ice cream and spending time with family and friends.
Career Plans: I plan on majoring in hospitality business with minors in sports business management and international business or double majoring in finance and marketing and a minor in international business.
How many years in BPA: 3
How BPA has helped me: BPA has provided me with countless opportunities and showed me how to become a young professional with leadership and cooperation skills. It has also prepared me for the business workforce and assisted in helping me with my time management skills.
Most memorable moment: When I was in sophomore year and I first qualified for state competition and got to travel to Grand Rapids where I was able to meet some amazing individuals.
Favorite Quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney

Name: Max Gregg
State Officer Title: Vice-President of Communications
Chapter and/or School Currently Attending: Columbia Central High School
Interests: Business, scuba diving, hiking, tennis, and watching Game of Thrones
Career Plans: Become an Entrepreneur after attending U of M or MSU
How many years in BPA: 3
How BPA has helped me: BPA has developed the way I approach the business world, and shaped my desire to give back to the community.
Most memorable moment in BPA: During the 2017 NLC, listening to Josh Shipp silence thousands of people during his speech at the opening ceremony.
Favorite Quote: “He that breaks a thing to find out what it has left the path of wisdom.” -Gandalf

Name: Dayna Dishman
State Officer Title: Vice-President of Chapter Activities.
Chapter and/or School Currently Attending: Capital Area Career Center.
Interests: Bonfires, swimming, fishing, drawing, and hanging out with friends.
Career Plans: Working in the insurance field. Hopefully in business development or marketing.
How many years in BPA: 2
How BPA has helped me: BPA has help me out of my comfort zone and become a leader.
Most memorable moment in BPA:  My first time going to SLC was in 2015-2016. I was the only one from my class who made it. It was really scary for my first time as well as having to share a hotel room with strangers. SLC was where I saw the officer ceremony. It inspired me to run the following year. The inspiration I saw at SLC helped me complete my goal the following year when I was elected to the State Executive Council. I am the first person ever from the Capital Area Career Center to run and make it on the council. It is a huge accomplishment for my school and I even aspire student to run this following year.
Favorite Quote: “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things” -Mother Teresa