Joint Council

The Michigan Association Joint Council is comprised of local chapter advisors within each region. The major responsibility of the council includes advising the state director and state executive council on the programs, procedures, and activities for the state association.

The council is comprised of two main committees. The regional advisor committee is responsible for coordinating regional events (i.e., fall conference and regional leadership conference). The advisory committee serves as the main liaison between the Michigan Association, joint council, and chapter advisors.

The CEAC representative is a primary member of the joint council. This individual, who is a local chapter advisor, will serve on the National Classroom Educators Advisory Council. This person is also responsible for the administration of the Workplace Skills Assessment Program during the state leadership conference. This person serves for a three-year term and can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. Our 2012-2015 CEAC Representative is Patrick Schultz.

The Executive Committee consists of:
Patrick Schultz, Bay-Arenac Career Center
Kelly Williams, DeWitt High School
Sue Lorey, Mona Shores High School
Maurice S. Henderson, Business Professionals of America


Region   Regional Advisors
  Advisory Committee



Cindy Cline
Ravenna HS

Treasa Evans-Dunn
Newaygo Career/Tech Ctr

Jonathan Bushen (asst.)
Wyoming HS

Matt Markwart (asst.)
Lakewood HS

Sandra Goodrich
Sue Rhem-Westhoff

Muskegon Area Tech Ctr


Monica Winchster
Yale HS

Shawn Varey
Marlette HS


Amira Hussein
West Side Academy

Leslie Spain (asst.)
M.L. King, Jr. Senior HS

Rhoda Littles
Randolph Career/Tech Ctr

Kathleen Ford
Stoney Creek HS

Suzanne Kuhn
Stoney Creek HS

Nada Northey
Royal Oak HS


Lisa Twardzik
Elsa Green

Calumet HS

M. Lee Rometti
West Iron County HS

Debbie Smithson
Forest Park HS

Ann Wuorinen
Ironwood HS


James Cox
William Farrant
Steve Keinath
Jackson Area Career Ctr

Mindy Boyd
Jennifer Duff
Hillsdale HS

Janice Lang
Gina Lundquist
Bedford HS

Joni Weaks
Monroe HS


Valerie Gerhart
Patrick Schultz
Tammy Leavitt
Kathy McBride
Beverly Zimostrad

Bay-Arenac Career Ctr

Patrick George
Keri Leslie
Brandon HS


Mary Gritzmaker
Ithaca HS

Holly Malek (asst.)
Fulton HS

Jann Cleary
Debbie Loesel
Clare HS


Dave Koenigsknecht
Kelly Williams
DeWitt HS

Debra Lynch
Dana Plaxton
Williamston HS

Barb Allender
Dave Ely
Capital Area Career Ctr

Beth Hughey
Fowler HS


Jim Nevil
River Valley HS

Jennifer Natzel
Nancy O'Rourke

Berrien Springs HS

Kim Moore
Wayland HS