Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Join Business Professionals of America

  1. Meet people with similar interests
  2. Network with people from the business world
  3. Participate in an active national student organization
  4. Gain opportunities to advance in a chosen career path
  5. Participate in conferences and workshops on regional, state and national level
  6. Participate in the BPA Torch Awards Program which provides an avenue of recognition and an opportunity to develop a better understanding of achievement and recognition
  7. Become active in community service
  8. Qualify for scholarships
  9. Earn awards and recognition through competitive events
  10. Gain experience in leadership development and team building techniques
  11. Join in an outlet to discover your talents
  12. Gain experience in personal and professional growth
  13. Gain life skills
  14. Experience lifetime opportunities
  15. Why not, it’s fun!